Liberty Commentary

Discovery Channel’s show “Moonshiners”

by Libertarian Punk

There’s a good new series on Discovery Channel, Moonshiners.

Has real-ex moonshiners re-creating distilling and running untaxed booze like they’re really doing it. I thought it was reality TV until I looked it up.

While no real illegal alcohol is produced on the show, it documents their practice, law-evading techniques, and life.

Though I did wonder why people appearing to be committing felonies were voluntarily showing their faces on TV. I’m wondering if their involvement in the show is part of a plea deal. lol. ….though probably not….while the show does illustrate the legal dangers, it also makes moonshining look very exciting and profitable.

One classic scene is one of the moonshiners talking to an ex-moonshiner who went “legit”, who now runs a licensed, taxed distillery. The moonshiner looked like he was going to vomit when the “legit” moonshiner started explaining all the fees, taxes, regulations and hoops he’d have to jump through. Best part of that bit is where the “legit” guy shows the other guy his “USDA-approved rake” he uses to move the mash. Moonshiner says “Well I ain’t never heardof such a thing!” (And why should he have?)

The show is entertaining though. It also has everything to horrify big-city folk: southern accents, rednecks with odd names (Popcorn, Tickle), men in overalls with no shirts, open hatred of the federal government, blatant disdain for nanny laws, open hatred of cops and fed goons, grizzled wizened coots with shotguns, drunk driving, and guys shooting bunnies from their trucks then fryin’ ‘em up to eat on the tailgate.

Best line in the series: “If you love your country you gotta love moonshine.”

Wikipedia says of the old guy, Popcorn: “Marvin Sutton aka ‘Popcorn’ is one of the most notorious moonshiners that ever lived. At one time, his liquor was so valuable that people often used it as currency.”