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The Atrocity Of Edgar Steele’s current jail location — and protest!

by Cyndi Steele, FWR

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Ed has been designated to the US Penitentiary in Victorville, CA.  As if it
is not bad enough what they have unjustly done to him, they have designated
him to a max security, death trap prison and as far away from me as they
possibly can.

I don’t know if you are aware that Victorville was originally the George
Air Force base, the first jet facility in America.  When the Air Force
abandoned it, they dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of jet fuel in
the ground water table. Jet fuel, when ingested, or when placed on the skin
(showers) over prolonged periods, causes astrocytoma, a deadly form of
cancer.  Astrocytoma builds tumors on the spine and in the brain which kill

A campaign to help Karla Fuller out, who suffered from this while
incarcerated there, finally got out of this death trap, but it was too late.
She died within a year.

I’m again asking for your help in asking people write to Senator Mike Crapo
and demand that he be housed at a different facility and then send as far
and wide as possible to every politician at the Federal level, Senators,
Congressmen etc.  Below, I have listed information for Senator Crapo; link
to email, fax numbers and mailing addresses.  I have, also, included the
email for his aid Peter Stegner, which I’m told is the quickest way to get
concerns heard by Senator Crapo.  Senator Crapo is fully advised about this
problem for he helped get Karla out after a lot of pressure was brought to

Email to Peter Stegner (Senator Crapo’s aid) at:

Email to Senator Crapo here via his online form:

Mailing addresses for Senator Crapo, as follows:

Senator Mike Crapo
410 Memorial Drive
Suite 204
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Senator Mike Crapo
239 Dirksen Senate Building
Washington, DC 20510

Fax numbers for Senator Crapo are:
(208) 529-8367
(202) 228-1375

Yes, they are trying to kill him. This is the gulag of Amerika.  We are
working to get this information up on the FES website, but if you can help
through your radio shows, writings (online or paper) or any other venue that
would encourage people to write and help put pressure on them to get Ed out
of this death trap, it would be greatly appreciated.  At his sentencing it
was requested that he be designated to the facility in Sheridan, OR, which
lessons the hardships for him and his family.  The judge had even approved
this designation, but it’s the US Marshall Service that is in control and
they have been out to make it as horrible for Ed from the day he was

Senator Crapo is fully advised about this problem (he helped get Karla out
after a lot of pressure was brought to bear), have everyone contact S. Crapo
because he is Ed’s Senator. Let’s get all those in the secondary media to
write article and demand he be transferred to Sheridan, which is where the
Judge said he should be housed.

For you information, I have attached the letter that I have already sent.
If you have any questions, please call or email.


Cyndi Steele



Dale Williams is a libertarian talk show host in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is known for his no-holds-barred radio presence and ability to go past the mainstream pundits and cut to the heart of the subject, whether he's talking to a local man on the street or international figures like Paul Craig Roberts or Gerald Celente. Dale is an expert in self-defense firearms, military hardware, and has a background in numismatics and as a body guard.