The Government vs. the Web

Posted: January 15th, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

by Nicole Ferraro, IE

As we continue to analyze online trends and project what the future holds, we see two major, opposing forces at play. There is an almost electric movement among the world’s citizens to come together and thrive online, and there’s an equally compelling force among governments worldwide to stop them.

Whether global citizens are using the Web to organize protests, to express themselves freely, or simply to enjoy the conveniences and delights like email, cloud computing, search engines, digital media, and entertainment, they are being challenged with aggressive efforts by their governments.

Some governments are more aggressive than others in restricting and controlling the use of the Web. It was just reported, for example, that Iran is testing its own domestic Internet that will prevent citizens from penetrating foreign sites.

Last year saw efforts all over the world to rein in the connectivity and freedom of expression the World Wide Web has allowed for, and Iran’s testing of a domestic Internet is just further proof that these dangerous demonstrations by global governments aren’t set to stop.

The good news is we also live in an age where citizens are fighting back against oppression and irrational regulations — using the very tool these lawmakers are trying to control.

Who stands to win the battle for the World Wide Web? That remains to be seen. But the first step toward winning is staying educated about the myriad ways governments all over the world are trying to control this medium.

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