Rethinking Paradigms

The Greatest Conspiracy of Them All

by Gary Kinghorn, LRC

an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or 
other wrongful act.

I’m reading an interesting book by Gary North called,Conspiracy: A Biblical View. I generally like reading Gary North because he not only has an extremely strong foundation in Austrian economics, monetary theory, and free market capitalism, but he has prolific publications showing that the Bible is largely a doctrine supporting those principles, and specifically espouses against socialism, totalitarianism and for the sovereignty of man.

I won’t comment on the book further, but it raises what I think is a question of profound importance: Are there conspiracies? And what impact have they had on history and our current state of affairs? Conspiracies often get a really bad rap, but fundamentally understanding this question is paramount to understanding the way the world works, how we got to this point, and where we are likely headed.

If you believe there’s no such thing as conspiracy theories, it follows that the governments of men are just bumbling incompetents, or isolated and greedy individuals acting in their own self-interest (albeit on a vast scale). However, if conspiracy theories are right, there’s a more coordinated, nefarious agenda at work here, and our current path seemingly towards totalitarianism is a more pre-determined, more inevitable outcome. If a conspiratorial view of history is valid, the root causes of our present social problems probably run deeper, and will be more difficult to root out than many of us imagine.

It’s amazing to me how many analytical and insightful people dismiss conspiratorial explanations out of hand, despite all factual evidence to the contrary, just because the term “conspiracy theory” carries so many negative connotations. Even if the conspiracy is not dismissed, it is often rendered off-limits to further discussion or analysis, to the obvious benefit of the conspirators (by design one could say). Let’s look at some illustrative and well known “conspiracy theories” to clarify some terms:

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