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Internet Censorship: Past, Present And Future…

from Alt-Market

Think SOPA and PIPA have been buried?  Think again.  The federal government is NOT going to give up until they get full congressional approval on internet censorship measures and open legal license to enforce those measures.  For now, they have relegated their attacks to a relatively small number of sites, mostly dealing in downloadable media.  However, as SOPA went down the tubes due to mass civil fury, the feds have come back more quietly with the ACTA, an international treaty which would actually create an unelected unaccountable regulating body like the WTO to govern the spread of “copyrighted material”.  This is nonsense of course.  The true goal of SOPA, PIPA, and now the ACTA, is to destroy the creative commons known as the internet and replace it with a bureaucratically controlled facsimile.  The issue of copyright infringement is a civil affair, not a federal one, and should have nothing to do with the federal government, but they have latched onto creative piracy as a false rationalization for web regulation.  This cannot be allowed to stand.  Once this kind of control is given strong enough precedence, things will never be the same.  The internet and the alternative media is all we have left to fight the information war, and it must be protected at all costs.