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The New Dark Ages

from AkransasFreedom

There was found an irrational fear of imaginary Witches, now we have irrational fear of propagandized terrorists. (911, preemptive wars)  Then torture was used to extract confessions, now “enhanced interrogation”( torture) is used to extract confessions (Patriot Acts). Then a person could be arrested and sent to the dungeon for undetermined lengths without due process of law, now a person can be arrested and detained indefinitely without due process (Military Commission Act nullifying Habeas Corpus and the National Defense Authorization Act 2012)

Then the military was used to enforce laws, now the military can be used to enforce domestic laws, as well as martial law (John Warner National Defense Authorization Act 2007).  Then a person could be put to death on the whim of the ruler, now a person can be assassinated on the whim of the ruler (Obama/Anwar al-Awaki).

Then the ruler had his own court and was never found guilty of anything, now the ruler is never even questioned by his court, therefore never found guilty of anything (Bush/illegal war, Obama/illegal war and eligibility for presidency).  Then the ruler lived in lavish luxury, the finest clothing, jewelry, cuisine, none of which he earned, now the ruler lives in even more lavish luxury doing nothing to earn it honestly.

Then the ruler travelled by the finest of carriages, noblest of steeds, surrounded by knights/guards of the fiercest, now the ruler flies in numerous extravagant, finely appointed Jets almost on a daily basis, surrounded by untold guards with the highest tech, expensive equipment imaginable.

Then the ruler entertained with lavish, extravagant parties and sorties, now the ruler entertains with unbelievable abandon and piles of confiscated cash.

All this was and is done with total disdain for the serfs who provide the wherewithal that makes that lifestyle possible.  The serfs were/are to ask no questions, submit to whatever indignities they are subjected (TSA), fork over their hard-earned money (IRS), send their children to fight senseless wars, and if they don’t, they will be punished severely, even unto death.

Welcome to the new Dark Ages.