Posted: February 10th, 2012 by Gadget42


Writes Jack Douglas:

“I don’t normally speculate much about techno-futurism because there is such a mass of swarming technologies being developed worldwide and the most important ones are the ones you cannot foresee from here—the real earth shattering “breakthroughs.” We can see that drones and swarming [watch the chilling video], etc., are developing very rapidly and the trends look explosive—exponential, almost straight up, as they see it.

But there are now massive defenses developing and more will explode, as always happens in weaponry and peaceful tech. The Iranians just showed us a simple one they used to take control of the most top-secret U.S. super-drone, land it, and do a complete reverse engineering for them and their allies.

The futurists seem not to realize that swarming is an ancient “conventional” tactic of bees, hyenas, and human horse warfare and guerillas. The Romans were largely stymied and stopped in their march E. by the swarming Scythian horse tactics and others. The war band guerillas in the N. hit them with swarms they could not see coming in the great forests. The American guerillas hit Gentleman Johnny and his red coats and Indians from all sides—swarming out of the forests and then melting away, cutting down trees to slow his supply wagons, etc. They drove him bats and cut away his splendid forces so they were an easy target in later, big battles—Saratoga—that stopped the Brit plan to divide the colonies and defeat them piecemeal.


I think the Iranians have obviously been developing swarming missile, drone, plane, speedboat, etc., tactics to overwhelm and shut down U.S. EW defense systems like Aegis and the more recent ones, especially in the narrow waters of the Gulf and Strait. I think they can knock out the U.S. carriers and task forces, and super tankers are total sitting ducks. Also true of pipelines in Saudi Arabia, etc.

Defenses will be developed. but right now that kind of tech and guerilla swarming looks as deadly as an African bee swarming attack on an unsuspecting farmer or home owner. I think the U.S. admirals are fighting the last war, the Battle of Midway.”


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