When All Else Fails

America Is Officially A Welfare State

by Thomas J. Lucente Jr., WesternJournalism

The average American relying on federal government assistance now receives more in benefits than the average American’s disposable personal income.

President Barack Obama has been called by Newt Gingrich the “food stamp president.” A study released this month proves the moniker is deserved.

Gingrich bases his claim on the fact that 14.2 million new people have joined the food stamp rolls since Obama took office. The total as of October stood at 46.22 million Americans on government food assistance. If that seems a phenomenal number, that’s because it is. It represents about 15 percent of the American population.

But that is not the whole picture.

The Heritage Foundation on Wednesday released its latest Index of Dependence on Government report. The results were staggering.

America has truly become a welfare state.

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