Rethinking Paradigms

Free-market government?

from ManifestLiberty

Ask any “conservative” what they think about the free market and you are guaranteed a passionate, powerful and precise speech about its advantages; perhaps along with some crying, devotional poetry and acoustic guitar playing.

But ask that same “average conservative” man or woman what they think about anarchy and you’re going to see the clouds gather above them and lighting strike from their eyeballs as they attempt to exorcise these chaotic demons of anarchy from you by extreme measures.

How do we reconcile these two thought patterns? Conservatives want (read: worship) competition in business, but abhor it entirely in government.

“Waaait a minute, Jack—I hate anarchy notcompetition! Competition ensures that monopolies don’t take hold and prevent the government from picking winners and losers! It’s the pinnacle of a free society!!!”

Oh really John Q. Public? Then why do you give the government a monopoly on the use of force, taxation and law enforcement? Has our government been a purified stalwart of freedom, justice and equality or have they been proven to be woefully corrupt, prone to selling out legislative favors to the highest bidders and even when caught red-handed in major crimes, constantly use their monopolies to protect themselves from criminal prosecution?

Given that the heartfelt reaction to this idea is “What about the poor people? Do you hate them too?!” No, I love them—and you too–let’s look at what would happen to poor people (and a handful of other classic government services) in a free society and how this truly free society without government monopolies on force would easily replace ineffective government services, drastically lower costs to society and provide a much higher quality of service. Check out the below vid from youtuber AnCapChase for a fascinating presentation on this: