Militant Rants

Freedom Feens

If you follow the rarely updated YouTube channel loosely associated with this website (my personal PHenry500 channel) then you’ve no doubt noticed that it’s lately seen several uploads of some weird thing called Freedom Feens which contain a lot of audio content onto which a graphic (pictured at right) of two shady looking goons standing on a hillside has been pasted.

The Freedom Feens Podcast is the production of a friend of mine, Michael W. Dean (you may know him as Libertarian Punk) who lives just north of me in Casper, Wyoming and his friend Neema Vedadi (say that fast three times) who lives in some other state that doesn’t measure up to ours.

Anyway, their show has been going on for a while and I think it’s one of the best kept secrets in anarchist radio.  These two first began Freedom Feens as an offshoot of their kick ass documentary Guns n Weed which basically uses firearms and drug laws to explain why we’re not free.

So the guys wanted to start porting their podcast to YouTube to grow their audience and give another way to spread the message as well as keep their stuff going viral, but have a huge backlog of shows to compile into video format and upload to the Tube.  A few of us are helping them in this endeavor, since which channel the podcasts show up on doesn’t matter as they’re freely available under a Creative Commons license and can be linked to no matter their channel location.  The final Freedom Feens YouTube channel will have playlists linking to the various locations for convenience.

That, to sum up, is why the PHenry500 channel is now brimming with continual updates as I compile and upload these shows for them.  To be honest, if I had a better Internet connection, I could probably do their entire backlog in a day between my two badass Linux machines,* but it would take a month to upload all that video data.

They’re getting done in chunks of 2-3 episodes per batch.  It takes about 2-3 minutes to compile the audio to video (adding the graphic) and then about 2 hours to upload the damn thing. lol

*aka 2 laptops that are more than six years old (each) and don’t even have WiFi, but run better than my quad core AMD desktop when it’s running Windoze.