Your enemy isn’t piracy. Your enemy is obscurity

Posted: February 19th, 2012 by Gadget42

The Most Important Quote On The Planet! – Cory Doctorow: “Your enemy isn’t piracy. Your enemy is obscurity”

Of course your enemy is obscurity and it is intended to be that way. The internet offers the potential for everyone on the planet to communicate with everyone else on the planet. It removes the barriers that the megalomanias have always sought to impose and mandate in an effort to maintain their hold over others and their ability to keep peoples divided, conquered, and subservient to them.

The Daily Bell provides us with a wonderful commentary:

The governments are your enemies, here are just a few of the thousands of commentaries:

Again, Your enemy is NOT piracy or sharing or copying…

Your enemy IS obscurity and division and isolation…

Here are some additional links referencing various services to help you get the picture:

yahoo, google, etrade, staples, best buy geek squad, and good old AOL…enjoy!

Yahoo doesn’t give a yahoot:

Google doesn’t either:

Etrade shenanigans:

Staples takes advantage of patrons with abusive pricing on products/services/repairs/


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