USA: Police State

Seattle Cops Caught Threatening To Make Up Evidence

from CopBlock

There are so many disturbing things brought up in this video. First is the news reporter’s emphasis that neither suspect had a criminal record. Would it have made a difference if the suspects did have a criminal record?

Secondly, at approx 2:50 the reporter sits down with a Seattle Police Sergeant who is obviously there to just downplay the situation. His comment that the incident had been investigated by their department’s internal “professionalism board” and that the citizens need to place more trust the police to take care of the problem. Really? Too much trust is exactly why we are in this situation.

Finally, the most disturbing portion is at the end when the reporter reveals the thousands of dash cam videos that are missing. This is just another illustration of how cops aren’t there to protect you or your rights and also another illustration of why you should go out of your way to film the police at every available opportunity. The police have a much harder time trying to “lose” your video.