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Syria: Exposing The Lies Behind The Campaign To Invade Iran

by Alexander Higgins

A breakdown of videos examining “peaceful” Syria protestors armed with Israeli weapons attacking the police, faked videos of “dead protestors”, and the real story of what is happening in Syria.

When you look at the events occurring in Syria through the prism of what is reported through western media outlets the justifications for invading Syria and overthrowing Assad is  appear to be pretty convincing.

But when you remove the filtered lens the corporate media reports the story through, you soon realize what was reported as fact is nothing more than a well-crafted prism of propaganda in the form of lies surrounding the arming of a violent revolution as part of psychological operations perpetrated through media manipulation by our icy manipulators.

To explain how this is being done, we will first examine the political context of the Syria conflict. Then we will view video proving that what the the media reports as as “peaceful protestors” are in fact violent revolutionaries being armed with military grade equipment by western governments. The videos show these “peaceful protestors” attacking police by firing missiles and weapons, filming the response of the police. You will also see the “peaceful protestors” are stage FAKE videos following the response of the police, which western media runs repeatedly to embed the images of dead peaceful protestors into the psyche of the public.

Syria And The Conquest For Iran’s Oil

It is no secret that the American public is sympathetic to people around the world being slaughtered by ruthless dictators. Showing images of such brutality repeatedly on the news is a sure fire way of manipulating the psyche of the masses to support the invasion of a country where such brutality is occurring.

Yet have you ever stopped to think, “Why does America choose to step in some situations and totally ignore others?” Take for example the slaughter in Darfur, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and countless other nations. When real violence is taking place in these place, much worse than what is alleged to be happening in Syria, the truth is that since they don’t hold any strategic resources, such as oil, imperialist simply chose not get involved.

Instead, they use government think tanks to first identify the targets the military industrial complex can be used to get the the best bang for their buck.  The think tanks then to design a plan of psychological operations to drum up support for to invade those  nations. Take for example thefabricated intelligence reports of weapons of mass destruction used to justify the invasion of Iraqfor the surprise of secure oil supplies. As another example, look at Brookings playbook to justify the invasion of Iran.

Indeed, we see the same kind of propaganda tactics being used to drum up support to invade Iran for their oil. Repeated and absurd claims such as Iran developing a nuclear weapon, training 1000s of female ninja assassins, allegedly supporting and ordering terrorist attacks against the U.S., and get this engaging in central banking practices that are so manipulative they require the President to declare a national emergency.

When we turn our eyes to Syria, many quickly point out that Syria doesn’t have the strategic resources that Iran and Iraq have. However it is not hard to connect the dots. Taking out Syria is key to a quick successful invasion of Iran.

If Iran is invaded while Assad is still in power, NATO will find themselves in a completely different war. This tactic is clearly revealed in a recent article on Washington Post, a newspaper well know for being the mouthpiece to plant U.S. intelligence propaganda.

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