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Gun Rights vs. Voting Rights in America

In this election year, as many as five million eligible voters will lose their right to vote. It’s the result of new nationwide campaigns to limit voting rights. Meanwhile, gun rights and the number of gun owners is growing.


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What a crock of shit! To even think that proving your identity is denying your right to vote is ludicrious. What the left is afraid of is that illegal aliens will lose the right to vote and that union members will lose the right to vote numerous times. Interesting that they want to continue the illegal abusive voting laws but seem to hate the 2nd amendment. Make no mistake the left will go after your gun if they win.


Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.


The history oof this country is that every close election has been stolen by voter fraud. The unions have been doing this for 100 years. In some cities the dead vote more then the living. In border states and cities you cannot get elected without thousands of illegal aliens voting for you. The history shows us we will lose this country if we don’t restore the rule of law.

Militant Libertarian

Jim Crow-style laws notwithstanding?


Ahh! The race card!! Who could have seen that coming? When you don’t have an intelligent response play the race card.

Who were those racist? 100% of them were Democrats. In fact the KKK was formed by Democrats. As the country began the civil war to end slavery Lincoln actually had to put some Democrats in prison because they threatened the war effort.


I brought up a part of our history that actually happened, not a “race card.” Your inane response only proves that you don’t understand history. I couldn’t care less if it was Democraps or Republicants that created the KKK or whatever. Both parties are bullshit.

As for Lincoln, he was a tyrant. Unless, of course, you are a Party of Lincoln worshiper that can’t get past the cake and ice cream history they teach you in school.

What I brought up was that Jim Crow laws for voting were used in exactly the same way that these current laws are being proposed: to keep a specific group of people (whether of color or of financial means or any other demographic) from voting.

By the way, I’m not sure where these people writing these laws come from. You already have to prove ID and residency before you can register to vote. It’s the person accepting the “proof”, not the proof itself, that’s the problem here – assuming you believe there actually is a problem.

The real problem is in the vote COUNTING, not the vote CASTING. But none of the corrupt a-holes in office who got there thanks to that are interested in fixing it. Including your precious Republicans.


You put up a straw man and that is all. Godwin’s law probably also applies to individuals trying to bring up racism to fluff up their arguement. Each vote is a sacred right and should not be diluted by those who cannot legally vote and by those who vote early and often. You need ID to drive, buy booze and cigarettes, to rent a movie or to get into an R rated movie, to cash a check to open a checking account, to board a train or plane and on and on. Why would anyone think that needing an ID to vote was racist??? Wait! I know the answer, because this is the classic left wing Marxist/Leninist ploy to prevent something that will interfere with their plan. Our elections are being stolen!


No, I mentioned an actual part of our country’s history that is completely relevant to the discussion at hand. Have you READ the new law being discussed here?

Again, you ALREADY HAVE TO PROVE YOUR IDENTITY BEFORE YOU VOTE. It’s the people checking the ID, not the ID requirement, that are the problem. But nobody is addressing that, they’re just heaping on more requirements.

This law makes you prove it with a very specific document – i.e. a national identification-style proof. The same way the SSN checks they’re now pushing on businesses force compliance with a specific type of identity check.

Both would make it very easy for anyone interested to make someone a non-entity, unable to vote, get a job, etc. Having personally been the victim of political screw-over via the IRS because I pissed off someone in “power”, I’ll tell you what will happen: political undesirables will slowly find themselves unable to function in society. All in the name of the “illegal alien” strawman.

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