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Remember that Masterpiece of British Engineering? It Broke Again

by Aaron Turpen, EVMeme

Back when it debuted in December, the new Routemaster bus, designed completely in the United Kingdom and touted as a “masterpiece of British engineering“, broke down on its maiden voyage because those Brit engineers forgot to put fuel in it.

Now, just a couple of months after its debut, the bus is in the news again.  With another breakdown.

This time, the Routemaster hybrid was out on the road in full service for the first time since its arrival.  It’s supposed to herald London’s entry into the 21st century just in time for the upcoming Olympic Games.  Then..

Boris Johnson’s pride and joy of British engineering stopped mid-route and had to “reboot.”

Which begs the question: do these masterpieces of British engineering run on antiquated American technology like Windows Me?  We’ve had that crap for a decade or more and it’s been thoroughly vetted from the American computing world, so maybe Microsoft had some surplus disks they sent over to London.  I remember Me requiring rebooting on an almost hourly schedule.

Perhaps that’s the problem here.  Boris needs to update his Routemasters to run on Linux instead.  I mean, that’s an operating system made on Swedish clockwork.

At any rate, “British engineering” is showcased in the new Routemaster.  Want more fun?  They plan on getting 7 more of these lemons.  This should make the Olympics interesting again.