Rethinking Paradigms

The United Imperial States of the World

by Jesse Mathewson, ZeroGov

History promoted in public education institutions around the United States vilifies the evil world conquerors of history past. In more recent times, the munificent overseers of state education have concentrated on the evils of Nazi Germany.

However, history as has often been noted has a way of being suppressed and redefined to assist those who are currently in power. China for example was seen as an evil that surpassed Communist Russia until the Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations was signed, dated January 1, 1979, the United States transferred diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing. As a result, of its domestic and foreign policies Communist China has between 30,000,000 and 70,000,000 deaths on its hands since 1958; this number is extremely large due to a significant lack of corroboration from the source; however, the estimates are regardless of size altogether horrifying.

As a result of its domestic and foreign policies, Communist Russia had an estimated loss of human life between 8,000,000 and 60,000,000. Of course if one adds up the loss of innocent life, soldier, and other attached as a result of United States foreign policy since the 1940’s alone we will come to a total of over 15,000,000. Now include domestic policies, which take the, forms of drug laws, Food and Drug Administration and different approaches to law enforcement and you would need to add another 5,000,000 at a bare minimum.

As I said before, history is written by those with the power; in this case, China and the United States are the new Imperial powers that be. Unfortunately, the facts show differently.  The facts show that regardless of the estimated six million Jewish persons murdered as a result of WWII, the United States has a record of violence that far exceeds that. The facts show that our nation has more troops overseas in permanent bases, in foreign countries, than it does here at home. The facts show that for every citizen of this nation killed whether in combat or as an innocent in the war on terror this country is murdering over thousand noncombatants in foreign countries.

This country that so many falsely believe is a democratic republic or even free is nothing more than the newest empire on the block. After all, per common definition, an empire holds ultimate authority over many other nations. We decide policy, actions and lifestyles to dozens of nations around the world. When they gain the courage to throw the shackles off we send in our secret agents and cause disruptions and protests. If they continue past the protest, and continue to try to gain freedom from our control we send in bombers. And when that fails, as it usually does, we send in the troops, sometimes encouraging minor or even serious attacks against the United States to secure the overt blessing of the masses.

What are we to do, those of us who own property here, live here, and raise our children now? For each of us, there is a certain amount of wrong that we can accept in our lives. Admittedly I am one who has been forced to take some wrongs for the sake of the right. However, when it comes to the atrocities of war I am unable to believe that this is normal. So I write, speak and communicate with others daily. I encourage nonviolent change through the use of social media, nonvoting and sometimes protesting. More importantly, we must know what it is that we protest fully.

We can argue that war is wrong, simply because it is. However, can we describe in detail what the actual cost is in lives to those that may seek? Educate yourselves; be aware of what may or may not exist and how we can go about proving it. Shed the shackles of the Empire by spreading the truth of what is really happening.

All statistics have been taken in part or whole from the following references. As the author, I recommend verifying your own research and doing the legwork. Nothing enables your ability to answer another’s reasons like researching something yourself.


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