Militant Rants

The War on Words and Democracy

Our once great and proud nation is suffering from a thousand paper cuts at the moment but despite the gloomy outlook, it does seem that there is at least a modicum of room for some hope. However, it is my personal contention that we are absolutely doomed to whatever life the established aristocracy and the political elite decide we are worthy of if we do not reclaim the English language and learn to properly define words. This is not about foreigners speaking foreign languages here, but about Americans learning what words mean and why it is important that we use the proper terms in their proper context if we are to help our nation recover.

Words have meanings for a reason. Words are used to convey thoughts and ideas and when the words we use are allowed to be convoluted, so too are the thoughts behind them. While the analogy may seem absurd to some, the principles are frighteningly similar in nature. If for example, “everybody” began using the term “early retirement with benefits” for euthanasia, it would not change the reality of the situation. In that case, as extreme as it may be, the end result would still be an often untimely and most likely, unwanted death for someone. Unfortunately, the unheralded collusion between our federal (and inept) educational (and indoctrination) system and politicians has created just such a scenario.

It is important to know and understand just how critical the war on words has been and just what a crucial role it has played in the destruction of our liberties and indeed, of the very foundations of our once great and proud nation. When someone is bold or brazen enough to contest such a faux pas, their objections are easily dismissed as being nothing more than the ranting of an anal retentive person. However, once enough people are comfortable with using the words in an improper context, efforts can begin to implement the more devious and ultimately, destructive part of the war on words.

There are numerous examples of this to be found all around us these days but I would likely run out of room were I to attempt to fit them all into one, single article. That being the case, there are some issues that need to be addressed. The Lesson imparted in this article is going to be about the many different forms and meanings of the word D E M O C R A C Y.

When Ben Franklin was asked what form of government we had as he left the Constitutional Convention, he replied to the lady, “A Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it!” This is a very important distinction and should be duly noted … though it is also noteworthy that none of this is taught in public schools. In Federalist Paper Number Ten, we are also warned about attempting to create, contort or otherwise relate our society and our nation to a democracy lest we condemn it to death … a process which is well underway already. For those of you who may be bamboozled and blinded by partisan political partying, this has nothing to do with either of the twain.


Democracy is perhaps best defined as two wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for dinner. It should be noted that the nation was not ever called a democracy until shortly after the War of Northern Aggression, or what you may more commonly know as the American Civil War. That however, is another lesson in semantics all its own. Interesting as well, is the fact that it was at this same point in history that we went from being these Independent but United States of America … often called simply “These United States of America” to becoming THE United States of America … a singular form.

At the time, it seemed innocuous enough. It is pretty safe to assume that even during those days of heated discussion and debate, that anyone who objected was casually dismissed as concerning themselves with very minor matters indeed. The end result and the reality has been that we now see a lot of “states” that in reality, are no different than provinces in other nations, all beholden to a central, federal system. Having traveled through a fair portion of the world, I am constantly amazed at how many people around the globe actually believe that democracy is something to aspire to and how great it is. Oddly enough, the places I here this most often are from Republics or people who live under Republican forms of government.


Despite popular belief, there is no Democratic party. There are democratic principles, there are democratic forms of government and there are democratic methods for accomplishing desired results. In the case of democratic efforts, this generally means a substantial reduction in individual rights and liberties and granting more power to the state. Mind you, all of this will generally be done at the behest of the people as they really do believe they will be forever able to lie back in their easy chairs, watch their big screen televisions and suck on the social teat. Unfortunately, reality never has such a storybook ending and if we allow our nation to continue down this path, it is going to get real ugly when those “free” government crumbs quit falling from the master’s table to the people at the bottom waiting for their handouts. What is going to happen when all of a sudden, generations of families who have never even had to apply for a job, are forced to go to work to draw the same measly social welfare check that they are currently getting for doing nothing?


Democrat can be the name of a one of the two primary political parties currently running amok … I mean running the government in these Independent but United States of America. A democrat can also be someone who believes in the principles of a democratic form of government despite the fact that this form of government is inherently evil and contradictory to everything that this nation was founded upon.