Militant Rants

The Seventeenth State Solution

A lot of people are bitching about the government and how out of control it is. A lot more people are bitching because the government has not nationalized nearly enough of the nation and its economy and has not yet forced everyone to suffer equally under an oppressive regime … though they may not realize that is the logical conclusion for their arguments. Regardless of exactly why people are unhappy, most of the people in the US who are at least minimally aware on a political level, are very upset and very vocal. That being said, there are far too many people bitching and far too few people presenting any real solutions. For that reason alone, I put forth this series of solutions to what ails us all the most, the centralized, bloated and inefficient federal system that we all live under.

Change is never easy and these changes have been taking place for a couple of hundred years plus a few decades. They are not going to be easy to undo and they are not going to be undone without some price being paid and a bit of suffering on the part of many people. However, if we are to survive as a nation, change we must, for the path we are currently on can only lead to destruction of our sovereignty and ultimately, our nation. The Founding Fathers on both sides of the fence (Narrowing down the fence to only two sides; the Federalists and the anti-Federalists) seemed to have rather rare (by today’s standards) insight and mentioned time and again that whenever any question arose not clearly specified in the documents being referred to, we should look to the writings of the people who constructed them. Such a lesson has ultimately been lost and we have “interpreted” our way to a much more oppressive and costly society than even King George would have had us live in.

The System of Checks and Balances

The first thing that we need to work on is the system of checks and balances. The system of checks and balances is all out of whack and it is not an accidental occurrence. While there are three primary systems in place for the checks and balances of powers, there are nuances that arise as well. The implementation of the seventeenth amendment has done away with one of the primary systems of checks and balances. This was done ultimately to illegally usurp power from the states and to centralize more power in the hands of the newly empowered federal system after the War of Northern Aggression … or as it is often and mistakenly called, the American Civil War.

Before the passage of the seventeenth amendment, the senators were selected by the states to represent the states and the interests of the states at a federal level. This in turn, would keep the legislative powers of congress in check as it meant that whenever bills were passed that unduly burdened the states, they would stand little or no chance whatsoever of passing and becoming law. By bypassing the states and the interests of the states, the federal government now has the ability to hold the states hostage with their own money and with the threat of loss of “federal funds” or tax money ultimately gathered from those very states that are threatened with the loss of those funds.

Some of the more common and egregious examples of this can be found on a regular basis with education, transportation and infrastructure and in far too many other partially or wholly hidden instances to be viable for a single rant/article. Think helmet laws and mandatory testing in order to get some of that “free gubmint money” and maybe you will start to get the picture. If not, it is strongly recommended that you begin paying a little bit more attention and becoming more politically aware before you find yourself in the same position as the states are currently wallowing in.

So one of the first steps we need to take as a nation should be the repeal of the seventeenth amendment.