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Edgar Steele – Upcoming DVD documentary

from Free Edgar Steele

A two-hour DVD documentary, produced by On Target Visuals [LINK TO WEB SITE], showing the truth about what the government bullies did to Mr. Steele is now well underway. We’re aiming for a late May release and the DVD will be for sale on this web site.

In order to get the truth out as fast as possible, we are releasing four videos that are excerpts from the DVD. Available today: “Part 1 – Case Intro, Motive & Set-up”.

You can view this video excerpt on YouTube at [LINK TO YOUTUBE EXCERPT VIDEO #1] or use the video player at the bottom of this message.

To be released over the next few weeks:
– Part 2 McAllister Treachery
– Part 3 Forensic Audio Analysis by Detective Walsh, Part 1 of 2
– Part 4 Forensic Audio Analysis by Detective Walsh, Part 2 of 2

We encourage you to share these links with your friends, family and all associates and get as many people as possible to write to their state Representative and to President Obama. We must put some political heat on this disgusting frame-up job. Remember, if we stay silent about what they’ve done to Mr. Steele, they’ll just keep getting away with it and soon we’ll have no rights at all!