How Many Crimes Did These Cops Commit?

Posted: April 24th, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

from The Agitator

I lost count about halfway through.

A Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy is accused of using his badge and gun to force a repo man to give him his wife’s truck back.

“I’m trying to make an honest living,” repo man Brenton Huff told KPRC Local 2 investigator Amy Davis. “I shouldn’t have to worry about being shot, especially by police.”

Huff was hired to repossess a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado from Tammy Berkley. The lender told him she was four months behind on her payments. Huff said he spotted the truck in Conroe on March 15. He followed it, ironically, to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Auto Theft Task Force office. When the driver went in, Huff went to work.

“I just backed up to it, hooked up and pulled it down the street,” Huff explained.

The wrecker driver says he pulled into a parking lot at the jail to call the sheriff’s office and report the repossession, a routine procedure. Seconds after he drove away, Huff said three cars pulled up alongside him, boxing in his wrecker. The cars were unmarked, the men in civilian clothes, but Huff says they all had guns pointing right at him.

“I really thought I was gonna get shot right then,” Huff told Davis. “I had my hands up here on the window so they could see them. The officer was yelling at me. He said, ‘That’s my wife’s truck.’”

That officer was Keith Winford, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s detective, who Local 2 confirmed, is married to Tammy Berkley. Winford was accompanied by three to four other deputies.

“He just grabbed me out, slammed me up against the truck right here,” said Huff.

The deputies put Huff in handcuffs. He says Winford drove his tow truck back to the sheriff’s office. After holding him for about 15 minutes, he demanded the repo man release his wife’s truck.

“Once I unhooked it, he told me ‘Get out of here.’ And then he told me if he catches me in his driveway, he’s gonna shoot me,” Huff recounted.

Certainly the DA is on the case, right?

When we called the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, first Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant told Local 2 the Texas Rangers are investigating the incident . . .

Grant said it’s possible the detectives thought Huff was stealing the truck.

Riiiiiight. Because because if you’re a car thief, you naturally use a big honking conspicuous tow truck. And you target the cars parked in the lot next to the Sheriff’s Department Auto Theft Task Force.

It gets better.

A week after the interview with Grant, he said Winford and the other deputies are claiming that Huff put an illegal tracking device on the truck. Huff denies that allegation. The detectives say they gave it back to Huff, so they have no proof of the tracking device.

Awfully nice of them, wasn’t it? The guy puts an illegal tracking device on the truck that belongs to a cop’s wife, and when they find it, they just give it back to him. No arrest, no charges. I mean, the alternative is that they’re lying through their teeth to cover up for the fact that they acted like a bunch of thugs, broke about a dozen laws, and pointed their guns at a guy who just doing his job.


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