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No jab, no education: New CA law requires middle schoolers to provide proof of Tdap vaccination in order to receive education

by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews

A new amendment to California’s Health and Safety Code as it relates to vaccinations will take effect this fall for the 2012-2013 school year, and will require all incoming seventh graders, as well as eighth and twelfth graders for the first year, to get a Tdap booster vaccination for pertussis (whooping cough) before being admitted to school. The website of the Marin County School District, which includes the city of San Francisco, literally states “No shot, No School!” in an apparent attempt to strong-arm parents into complying with the new provision.

Even though students in California can be exempted from any and all vaccinations for medical or personal reasons, most parents are largely unaware of this fact. And because of the 2010 whooping cough outbreak in California, many parents will likely just comply with the new Tdap requirement simply out of fear that their child could be the next victim of the disease, even though the Tdap vaccine itself has been shown to be ineffective at protecting against whooping cough (

Unless parents specifically request a Personal Belief Exemption Form (PBEF) from their local health department’s Immunization Program, their school-age children are required to get whatever vaccinations the State Department of Public Health decides is necessary from year to year. And those wishing to opt out of the new Tdap requirement will need to specifically request a CDPH 8261 form from the school (

The interesting thing about DTaP, Tdap, and other pertussis vaccines is that they have never been tested for long-term safety, and they have never been proven to work. In fact, as we reported previously, the majority of the children who developed whooping cough during the 2010 scare had already been vaccinated against the disease. It was also revealed openly that pertussis vaccinations do not provide “lasting protection” against the disease.

Every California parent has a right to know the truth about Tdap and DTaP, not to mention the many other vaccines they are told their children are required to receive upon entering school for their own safety. They also have a right to know that they can exempt their children from such vaccines for medical or personal reasons. Sadly, most of them know neither, which is why it is crucially important to spread this information far and wide.

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Anne Cleveland

Forced immunizations are un-constutional, and have already been ruled on by a three-panel Federal Judge Ruling.I personally filed the law-suit in Federal Court in the early seventies in the State of Georgia.My young son was kicked out of school because I refused to present a shot record and refused to present papers from , ‘recognized church” my rejection of shots were on religious grounds. Then the School Board sent truant officer to visit with threat of arrest because I was in defiance of compulsory attendance law. I filed a lawsuit and my son re-instated under a Federal order with-out shots.


Since when has the Constitution stopped California? How many parents will comply with this because they don’t have the time or money to contest it? These things are always about that. Maybe one or two will go to court over it and, a year or so from now, might win and get a 10th page headline out of it. Meanwhile, hundreds of others will comply and their children will get the shots.

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