USA: Police State

Woman Set Ablaze. Florida Fines Her.

by The Agitator

On Monday, a Florida woman was set on fire by her spurned boyfriend in the parking lot of a gas station.

According to MSNBC, a few days later, Florida officials told Naomie Breton she’d have to pay the $340 towing fee to have her car removed from the gas station parking lot. Better yet, the state is also charging her the $363 fee to tow the car of the man who tried to kill her, plus his $25-per-day late fees. Turns out the two of them had bought the car together. So her name is on the title. And he can’t pay, because he’s in jail for trying to kill her.

She had tried to get a restraining order against the boyfriend. A Florida judge turned her down.

The government is here to help you, Ms. Breton.