It’s OK to hate government. Really.

Posted: July 3rd, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

by Kent McManigal

Why is it OK to hate rapists? You never hear someone discussing a rape and apologizing if they admit to hating rapists. Or, if during the discussion they say they hate rapists, the people they are talking to don’t scold them for saying so. Odd.

Why is it OK to hate rapists, but not government? After all, government, by which I mean The Staterapesmurderskidnaps,steals, etc. on a scale that dwarfs all the similar deeds done by all the freelance bad guys throughout all of human history. Yet, one isn’t allowed to admit to a hatred of this gigantic evil? That’s insane.
I have said before that I don’t hate “the government”; I love liberty. Government just happens to be the opposite of liberty. Government isn’t important enough to hate. I do hate almost everything that is done in the name of government. And I will never come down on someone who admits they HATE government; I’ll just hope they are consistent in that hatred and don’t change their mind when “their guy” is in power.

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