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Government Works to Beat Any Remaining Pride Out of Poor People

by The Agitator

In Jefferson, NC – just on the other side of the Appalachians from my East TN hometown – social workers are being bribed/rewarded for confronting so-called “mountain pride.” According to the Ashe County Department of Social Services, mountain pride is when people don’t ask for handouts, despite being eligible to receive them, because they prefer to be self-reliant and not become charity cases. Those bastards!

In an attempt to squelch this refreshing sense of pride and self-worth,  bureaucrats are doing all they can to force as many of these people to enroll for food stamps and other handouts as possible. Why? Apparently when people who are eligible for receiving taxpayer-funded handouts don’t take them, it prevents even more taxpayer-funded handouts from being sent to their communities. Too bad mountain pride isn’t a more common problem.

Read all about it in this great/infuriating piece by Caroline May at The Daily Caller

(H/T Ben Cunningham, one of America’s greatest taxpayer advocates.)

Drew Johnson