When All Else Fails

5 Hidden Signs That A Catastrophic Event Is Going To Take Place At The London 2012 Olympics

by Mark Charles, BIN / WhiteOwlConspiracy

There have been a lot of signs and hidden messages throughout the  media that something big is going to take place during the 2012 London  Olympics.

Is the 2012 London Olympics the Next 9/11? …Below are 5 signs that it just  may be!

 1. Flawed security 

Ben Fellows who went by the pseudonym “Lee Hazeldean” went  undercover to blow the lid off the police state G4S security arrangements put in place for the 2012 Olympics in London.

During his infiltration of G4s he learned, among numerous other startling things:

1. Plans for mass evacuation of London are being prepared

2. Predator Drones, unable to be seen by the naked eye, will be patrolling the skies over London carrying out surveillance and search and destroy mission if necessary

3. Many security uniforms are going missing

4. Security guards are not vetted and references are not being checked

5. Trainees are taking photographs of security areas

6. American and foreign troops have been brought into London

7. Major news networks are not interested in his findings and a media blackout is being enforced against any negative news about the Olympics

G4S believe that public are ‘the scum of the earth’ and remind their staff regularly that they are above the police.

He also mentions that one of the trainers suggested that a major defining event for London will happen AFTER the Olympics although she wouldn’t say what.

2. Muse’s “Survival” Chosen as Official Song of 2012 Olympics

So it’s been announced that a song written by the English alternative rock band Muse is going to be the ‘official song’ for the 2012 Olympics.