Militant Rants

Hollow heroes and selfless salvation

from ManifestLiberty

The below video from British EU Parliamentarian Roger Helmer details a common problem across the globe: meddling, self-worshipping men and women who think that by their brilliance and ingenuity the world will be saved, remade and reborn in the image they see as “sustainable.” Despite the shiny veneer of foresight on behalf of these self-appointed visionaries, their ideals are economically cruel, philosophically twisted and spiritually misguided.

By their own admissions, policies and published works an obvious and offensive effort is being made to “de-industrialize” the world, decrease the population, and—for most people on the planet—create a dangerous and distorted version of paradise (little “p”) here on Earth.

While I happily recognize and appreciate the difficulties Earthlings face in feeding people around the world, there are immense quantities of food being wasted and great expanses of open, high-quality landoutside of the congested, diseased cities we see in “overpopulation propaganda” that can be utilized and eaten by starving people.

The essence of these struggles comes down to a core principle in my view: do we think people will save the world, or do we embrace an “I of myself do nothing” view that seeks The Will of The Creator and RECOGNIZES OUR INHERENT FALLIBILITY instead of trying to show how “perfect” we are?

By this statement I seek to discover the root of our power, the source of our “brilliance”, and the origin of true, lasting, Divine changes.

Will paradigm-shifting change come about due to our own perceived magnificence and brain power? Or do we see ourselves as merely vehicles for The Creator of The Universe, our Divine Spirit Parent, God, to deliver His/Her Will to Earth?

This same principle applies to our political world as well. Do we think through our own firey power and passion for liberty, freedom and justice that the world will change?

Did Christ advocate bull horning the Romans like a Bilderberg meeting? Or did he show them kindness and healing and pray that “The Father in Him” deliver healing? (the key principle). Surely he knew of their crimes, but delivered to them love instead of any semblance of hatred or wickedness.

Is there a more beautiful or difficult task than to love and heal those who persecute you?

I believe GREAT AND POSITIVE, changes are coming to our planet. But I do not seem them coming about unless we bow our proud heads and crawl to the feet of the Father like children and worship Him while seeking guidance in our affairs. You can be a beautiful, wonderful, kind person with great capacity for goodness, however; your Creator is INFINITELY more compassionate, WISE, and powerful.

The strange, Earth/Gaia-worshipping neo-pagans in power have a long way to go….

May we all become one in mind and Spirit as the reconciliation of all things comes to pass through the uniting of our hearts and minds and the abandonment of the cruel religions—including Christianity—that have kept us confined and divided for so long. If the final sentence bothers you, I obviously believe that Christ is The Messiah, but I abhor religion. I believe the record shows He wasn’t interested in it either.