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The New Revolution: 1776 in 2011

Mili Note: The following was written early last year as a chapter to be included in a book with the working title Our Founding Principles, meant to be an inside look at the “Tea Party Movement.”  I was asked to offer something as the Militant Libertarian and given the subject of “where the revolution is leading.”  For this piece, I interviewed Russel Longcore of DumpDC and John Ozberkman, a friend from Utah.  Both had websites that were highly trafficked and both had very different views of where the revolution is leading.  The publisher has decided not to publish the book, so I am printing my piece here for anyone who might be interested.

by Aaron Turpen, the Militant Libertarian

The American Revolution that is popularly said to have begun in 1776 actually began much earlier than that. Arguably the most influential and earliest of the revolutionaries in early America was Samuel Adams. His work against the Crown began around 1746 and really came to a head about a decade before the Shot Heard ‘Round the World.

Today, the same type of movement is happening amongst Americans bent on a return to liberty and freedom. The Commitees of Correspondence and Sons of Liberty actions of the 1760s and 70s are reappearing in modern form today. Instead of Paul Revere and his riders on horseback delivering messages, we have the World Wide Web, mobile phones, and other instantaneous forms of communication. Instead of Samuel Adams and a small handful of patriots fighting to change the hearts and minds of those around them, we have legions of bloggers, text senders, Facebook posters, and tweeters.

Despite the ignorance of the mainstream media, today’s Samuel Adams rabble rousers are gaining popularity and the message of the New Revolution as a return to freedom and liberty is becoming more and more accepted. Even the established press, which is owned and controlled by those who would push for the continuation and expansion of police state-style controls and global governance, are required to bow occasionally to the new freedom movement.

On national television and radio we hear voices for liberty like Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano, limited as they are. We also hear the limited government cries of John Stossel, who plants seeds of doubt about government’s assumed benevolence.

The real change to hearts and minds, however, is due to today’s Committees of Correspondence; which are generally ad hoc, uncoordinated, grassroots efforts born of necessity. These blogs, Meetups, Tea Parties, and even established third party political groups are pushing forward as independent members of the People also come forward with social networking, self-made videos and documentaries, and an unrelenting search for truth and proof of the controlling schemes of the powers that be.

Rabble Rousing 2010

Today, the number of freedom and liberty-oriented blogs, ranging in politics from anarchism to Ronald Reagan Republicanism, has exploded. Hundreds of thousands of them are promoting the idea of non-compliance with government controls, of civil disobedience and agorism, and more. Many modern-day political philosophers are coming forward to promote ideals that have become alien to us after 234 years of government growth.

Anarchists like Larken Rose ( are adding their voices to the mix while constitutionalists like the 10th Amendment Center ( push for a return to decentralized governance.

News hounds and those who search for the truth while putting together a picture of the globalists and their power mongering are also gaining popularity very quickly. Alex Jones ( has become one of the strongest voices in anti-elitism today while smaller, but no less powerful voices add to the Info War.

Websites and news aggregates, such as myself, spread these news stories, as do hundreds of my compatriots with their own websites and news feeds.

Adding to all of that are the more nuts-and-bolts liberty discussions that happen on forums, blogs, and websites all over the Internet, such as and Stand Up For America (

With all of these comes the grassroots, uncoordinated, and quickly-growing populist movement towards liberty. Some cry for state secession or nullification, others cry for a return to the Constitution, some tout the need for the abolition of government, many showcase the atrocities committed by our current and recent regimes, but all want to see an end to the elitism rampant in our current national leadership and the destruction of the corporate-government-banking partnerships that are leading us directly into slavery. The destruction of personal liberty and the core Western value of self-ownership appalls us all.

So we continue fighting our Info War and gaining new recruits and more momentum daily.

Where the Movement Is Going

There are hundreds of opinions about where our nation is going and what the future of North America will be. Two of the more popular opinions are expressed by bloggers Russell D. Longcore and John Ozberkmen.


Russell D. Longcore of is a secessionist and proud to say so. He believes it’s the only way the ideals of liberty can survive in America without a full blown modern civil war. He points to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the relatively peaceful breakup of some of its individual states.

“Secession is not a proactive solution,” he says. “It’s a reactive solution. It won’t happen until the economy fails.”

Once that economic collapse becomes imminent, which many believe is coming soon, he says only a handful of states are in the economic and political position to actually pull off a successful departure from the United States: Texas, Montana, Vermont, Wyoming, and Hawaii.

In order for them to do so, they must answer the fundamental questions of “money and militia.” They must have the independence of their own money (non-federal coin and bills) and a resource to back it up, such as energy or food. They must also have a way to repel the likely inevitable invasion attempt by the (weakened) federal government or others, so the State must have a militia or trained and usable military force.

The scenario could play out with only one state or several attempting to remove themselves from the U.S. when the final straw of financial or other (similar) crisis lands.

Longcore’s point of view is popular amongst many in the liberty movement. A lot of people are fed up with the federal government being controlled by the non-western ideals of the East and West Coasts. The last few national elections have shown a huge number of disaffected Americans in the heartland and western states.

Replacement of the Current System After Collapse

John Ozberkmen of sees a somewhat different future. In his view, the government is prodding and hoping for a secessionist movement as a way to fracture and eliminate. “The government is pushing for a fracture of the U.S.,” Ozberkmen says, “so they can make a 1776 situation to take the freedom fighters down. Don’t fall for it.”

He sees movements such as the Free State and Free State West Projects as being useful for creating small areas of like-minded patriots, but not as a way to make a “final stand” or a picket line to stand off government incursion and liberty theft. Instead, he sees these movements as a way to support small groups of insurrectionists and pinpoint actions of civil disobedience, agorism, and more.

“Secession would almost certainly mean war because the controllers aren’t going to let anything go. They will respond with full force to any open act of rebellion with either U.S. troops or foreign ‘peacekeepers’ to keep this from happening.”

Instead, he brings up Michael Collins and the Irish war for independence. Rather than targeting the troops and the occupiers, in the beginning Collins instead aimed for the real menace: the Black and Tans.

Similarly, Ozberkmen sees a future in which a financial collapse has severely weakened the nation, but not the powers that be. They will continue to fund their soldiers and policemen. Rather than targeting those ground troops, he says we should instead target the people that utilize them to solidify their tyranny and control.

One thing that Ozberkmen sees as missing, however, is the plan for the final outcome. “If we win,” he says, “what do we do then?” Very few, if any, are planning for what happens if we do win back our liberties. Do we return to the system we have now, which is obviously flawed since it produced the tyranny we see before us? Or do we have a new plan to replace it?

Unlike the original American Revolution, he believes that having something to fight for now, a new set of rules or plans that most can agree with, is paramount. The Founding Fathers fought their revolution and then decided what to do with the new nation afterward. That didn’t end well, or we wouldn’t be where we are today.

No Matter How You Slice It, We’re In Revolt

Regardless of which point of view you take, even if it’s not one of the two above, it’s become patently obvious that a large sector of this nation is in quiet revolt. Many in this country are waking up to the fact that our current situation is untenable and that those we elect to office are not the people who are really running our government.

Government by the People, for the People, and of the People was only ours for a short time, well before today’s generations. Now, as the situation worsens, we turn towards the next step. For years, we’ve been building our Committees of Correspondence and organizing our Sons of Liberty groups.

Soon, it will once again be 1775 and another Revolution. Just as they wondered in colonial times before the shots at Lexington, we today are wondering what the outcome will be.

For good or ill, the Second American Revolution is upon us. What is your role in it?


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Paul Bonneau

I don’t see either of these scenarios. If secession happens, it will not be overt. The people in the state governments don’t have the courage for that. Instead it will be a drifting away, an increase in local autonomy. People will just start saying we don’t need the federal government’s “help” any more. They will lose legitimacy. There will be some action with enforcers both state and federal, but they will find you can push armed people only so far. Self-preservation will kick in and their enforcement actions won’t do much. People will become more mobil so you can’t tax them any more, and attempting to fine them for trumped-up “infractions” will start to get risky. However if the ruling class does something truly stupid, like banning all guns, then you will see war, and half the military or more will be on our side.

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