The only good Only Ones…

Posted: July 19th, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

by Kent McManigal

So many petty (or serious) thugs like Gabe Suarez and Massad Ayooblike to repeat how reasonable and realistic they are. Not like usfreedom outlaws who have actual, you know, principles. We are “nut cases” and “tinfoil hat wearers” because we see that murder is stillmurder when the murderer wears a badge. Or that theft is still theft, no matter what euphemism has been made up to hide the truth.

Perhaps those thugs are trying to convince themselves. Or ingratiate themselves to the puppeticians and authoritarians who hold their leash. History isn’t kind to those like them; licking Master’s butt only seems reasonable and realistic until Master dies. Then all those who saw which side you chose will judge you by the butt you lapped.
But, go ahead you vile parasites. You tax addicts. You fans of genocide, kidnapping, and murder- often over the issue of dried leaves, for crying out loud! Expose yourselves as the disgustingvermin you are so that no one will make a mistake and come to rescue you from the consequences of your actions when the piper is paid. We’d be in more danger if we falsely believed you were actually on the side of the good guys. This way we can laugh, dance, and toast the sight of your festering corpse when you get justifiably “indiana’ed”. Good riddance!

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