Fighting Back

SWAT with Tanks Used Against Mother for Refusing to Give Her Daughter Harmful Drugs

by Jason Nellis, LRus

Two of the worst directions our country has taken in recent years were displayed in one nightmare situation last year. An African American mother, Maryann Godboldo, stood off against fully armed and tank-mounted SWAT for 12 hours to keep CPS from taking her 13-year-old daughter from her and forcing her harmful psychiatric drugs.

How did this come about in the first place? She refused to give her daugther a prescribed psychiatric medication she discovered to be harmful. It was Risperdal, a neuroleptic antipsychotic medication known for causing serious side effects such as abdominal pain, vomiting, aggression, anxiety, dizziness and lack of coordination (Risperdal side effects). CPS discovered this and ordered the child taken away. When police busted into her house, guns drawn, Maryann reportedly opened fire. They called SWAT in and the standoff continued until she was arrested 12 hours later and put into prison for five days. According to attorneys and, “The police did NOT have a warrant or any court documents whatsoever granting them any right to enter Maryanne’s home, according to Godboldo’s attorneys.” Her daughter Arianna was put into a mental hospital where Maryann claims her daughter was sexually abused. For 10 months, Maryann fought in court along with the rallying support of her community, and defeated the case against her. She now has full custody of her daughter again.

One of the worst offences of the pharmaceutical industry and its powerful connections to the government is the aggressiveness on parents and schools to drug their children. They “enforce” their bottom line (and fulfill oppressive governments’ desire for an easily-controllable docile populace) by pushing these drugs as the go-to solutions for any problems a child has. Thus, kids showing natural signs of puberty or typical conflicted child development often get put on mood-altering, personality-crushing, and sometimes mentally damaging drugs, as in this case. Sometimes the parents turn straight to the drugs, sometimes the doctor pushes it (who benefits fron the big pharma man) until the parents are swayed, and sometimes schools press the parents to get the kid on drugs.

And one of the worst offences of the police state, creeping over us slowly but surely, is showing up with dramatically unncecessary force and firepower at our doorstep. This story is another symptom for this diagnosis. These strong-armed tactics combined with the unchecked power of Big Pharma made for a horrifying situation that should never happen in any “free” country, but will continue to happen on the path our government has taken. This woman was not only outnumbered, outgunned, and arrested for not doing anything illegal, but threatened by all this force until she was separated from her daughter, all for not wanting her to be drugged up on drugs proven to be harmful.

A parent acts responsibly and researches the psych drug her daughter’s doctor prescribes that results in harmful side effects, confirming that it’s damaging, and this is what happens. And what’s more, something CPS and psychiatrists should understand, she may have simply been showing symptoms of puberty when the doctor decided she should be on meds. All this for natural child development and a caring mom.

Fortunately, Maryann won the case after a long ten month battle. After being put through all this strife she never deserved in a lifetime, a mother’s care defeated a tyrannical medical-military-industrial complex. But the cases won’t always end up in humanity’s favor.