When All Else Fails

Amazon joins Walmart in push for online sales tax

from Washington Examiner

Congressmen in both parties want you to pay more taxes on your online purchases, and once again, big business is lobbying for bigger government, which would hurt Mom and Pop.

Online sales taxes have been a battlefield for lobbying titans for years, pitting Walmart and the rest of the brick-and-mortar retail lobby against Amazon and other online retailers. But now Amazon has changed its business model and also its lobbying position, joining the rest of the retail giants in calling on Congress to aid states in collecting sales tax from online sales.

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John and Dagny Galt

For all those people and businesses who have cried for increasing taxation rates on existing taxes and for an ever-increasing number of taxes on anything/everything, they are going to get MORE than they ever bargained for.

Amazon has decided to bring their physical presence to your state/city/town and guess what…they are going to flog competing brick-n-mortars to death, guaranteed.

It is a case of the old saying, be careful what you wish for…indeed.

Walmart and the dollar stores slaughtered the mom and pops and now Amazon will smash all the big-box-stores and the little-box-stores.

For those who didn’t have access to Amazon before, due to not having access to the internet or a credit card, now they will be able to physically patronize Amazon and use cash or their welfare cards for all their purchasing needs and wants.


Yep, all you idiots that pulled the tiger’s tail are now going to be staring at shiny glistening FANGS!

And for those of you who think the staging warehouses will employ lots of people…again…hahaha, check this out!




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