Mili Meme

U.S. Engagement in Syria Leaked

by Michael S. Rozeff, LRC

The U.S. government has now let it leak out that Obama earlier this year or last year gave the green light to further U.S. intervention in Syria. We already know that the U.S. has been engaged in overthrowing the government in Syria. There have been many reports about U.S. support of proxies like Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Here’s just one. There is no other way for the rebels to have gotten the arms they have. In addition, the battle strategies and attacks have been shaped by external professional aid from the U.S. and other NATO countries.

The U.S. has allied with al-Qaeda type operatives and operations too. The U.S. has supported assassinations of high-level Syrians. It’s probably paying off others and defectors. This isn’t the first time the U.S. has made Syria a target. The CIA intervened between 1948 and 1957, for starters.

The U.S. tries to control the flow of news to suit its purposes. This leak is probably no exception. The U.S. likes to get the public used to its interventions and their bloody results by gradually leaking information and by tailoring its escalations to events occurring in the country under attack, such as the attack on Aleppo and the call by some of the rebels for heavy U.S. arms. The U.S. almost never mentions the internecine slaughters that its interventions unleash, encourage, and support. Instead it attributes all evils to the government and forces it seeks to overthrow.

Presidents are doing their coup d’états these days in a different way than in the twentieth century, but they’re still coup d’états, and the American public still doesn’t realize what these interventions are costing them; and I’m not referring just to current visible out-of-pocket costs.