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Libya, Syria, And The Unquestioned Media Coverage: How Much Have We Learned?

from IMEMC

Since the first weeks of the Libyan conflict, independent journalists clearly showed that facts in Libya were in neat contrast with what the big news agencies reported. While the Western media turned the spotlight on ‘Ghadaffi’s crimes’, NATO was carrying out a 24 hour non-stop bombing campaign on Libyan soil with complete media silence.

Likewise in Syria, mainstream media coverage persistently points to ‘Assad’s brutal regime’, whilst we don’t hear about the armed groups scattered all over Syria. And the recent media speculation that Damascus may use chemical or biological weapons inside Syria only adds up to the world’s mounting pressure on the Syrian government.

The state of truth in mainstream media coverage is at unprecedented danger. There has been a steady reality reversal accomplished by press agencies in the West and across the Arab world.

In an interview conducted by the New York Times with independent journalist Lizzie Phelan (31st January 2012) who reported from the Libyan war, Phelan explicitly stated that almost everything reported by the mainstream media has been proved wrong, listing a few facts and figures:

– The rebellion WAS indeed armed from the very first day of the uprising (this was confirmed in Amnesty’s in-depth report from late last year) – not a peaceful movement

– The rebels WERE working hand in glove with Western intelligence agencies to facilitate a NATO blitzkrieg

– The NTC ARE disunited and incapable of governing the country.

– The rebels DO have a racist, even genocidal, policy towards sub-Saharan African migrants and the third of the Libyan population that is dark skinned

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