Who’s afraid of the NRA?

Posted: August 22nd, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

Mili Note: the NRA actually makes more money and gains more influence after they fail to do something than they do when they accomplish something.  Think about that.

by Life of Illusion

Well this article is not starting well, my first picture comes from “Think Progress”(1) where they did a similar article.  ( and I sourced it to give our liberal friends ammo for this battle)  We hear a lot about the NRA and the influence they have on elections.  I agree they are a force to be reckoned with, but they were not able to stop Obama in 08? and they did expend the effort. ( I am a NRA life member, so forgive any unintended bias.)  Does Obama winning mean their influence has diminished?  I think not.  If anything, I think it has resulted in an increase in their membership and contributions.  But they are just one organization that has a single issue that they champion.  There are others, such as the Pro-Life movement.  Strange bedfellows?  Pro-life people allied with a gun group…  We also hear about the Koch Brothers and all the money they spend.  Funny how Soroes isn’t part of that same conversation.  Chick-Fil-A might donate to anti-gay marriage organization, Amazon.com’s founder definitely has given two and a half million supporting gay marriage.

I do not think money or lobbiest will buy every election.  Influence, yes.  Sometimes that influence can overwhelm other factors.  A lot depends on the media and to whom they give a voice.  Ron Paul’s established record should have easily seen him winning the Republican nomination.  History shows he was right on nearly every issue, but the media silenced him in nearly every debate.  But they don’t control the TeaParty and their ability to bypass the media and gather support.  The NRA also contacts members directly, asking for donations and requesting we contact congressmen and senators.  Unions also contact their members and remind them who is friendly to their wants, and who is not.  And where reforms passed stopping unions from withholding dues from members paychecks, membership has taken a massive hit. ( Lucky for me the NRA can’t withhold dues or contributions like some unions)  So who else has “influence”?  I have found it strange that so many liberal actors earn their living as action movie star’s.  Why display gun violence on the big screen for millions and then go fundraiser for Obama & anti-gun politicians?  With all those special effects, they are “bulletproof”, so why not leave out the guns entirely.  But no, some of the biggest stars that cash in on “gun action” movies are anti- gun advocates like Stallone or Schratwaznager.    And we are not talking about just money, but influence.  I kinda like rock music, so having John Bon Jovie or Bruce Springsteen advocating on your behalf, that’s clout!!  Others have had the same thought…

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