Rethinking Paradigms

Disinformation, “The New World Order,” and spiritual perfecting

via Manifest Liberty

This is an interesting post from WorldTruth.TVabout the potential for “disinformation” being spread by prominent figures in “alternative media” including Alex JonesDavid Icke and Jordan Maxwell.

When I was in college—close to ten years ago now—I was profoundly influenced by those three. Their presentations and websites opened my eyes to an incredible and complex world that I never thought could exist, but always felt might be real. Insert goofy Matrix analogy here. Upon further review, and many years of focused reading and a more objective eye that is willing to cross-examine data points (something I have NOT been very good at in the past) there are many ways they can be proven to omit, distort or manipulate stories to suit their desires.

Certainly Jones and Icke have flourishing financial careers from their research—Maxwell doesn’t seem to do as well, but surely benefits from book sales too. A point I don’t have a problem with that on the surface; voluntary payments are all good. But, something that should be remembered as a potential motivation for bias.

I still believe they provide a lot of good information that people need to know about “the powers that be” in the world, but we should be careful with them and only trust what can be verified with the mind, and witnessed with the heart and/or Scripture.

However, there is a crime being committed by these men. A crime of spiritual misguidance. For Jones, he is—despite his alleged Christian faith—”preaching” to spirits of fear and rage. Maxwell,repeatedly shows his support for Helena Blavatsky and her Lucifer Trust Publishing company. As for Icke, he promotes Zeitgeist theories on Christ’s existence (meaning that he never existed) and many of the New Age beliefs that connect back to self-worship and/or “Luciferian” teachings. Granted, “Luciferianism” is a tricky and difficult to define word, but I’ll go out on a limb with it. More about New Age beliefs and The New World Order here and here.

Are there powerful people in the world like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who are passionately involved in creating a one-world government? I think the evidence is incontrovertible.

But, where do we go from there?

If a perfect and inconceivably intelligent being exists, and has a perfect plan for the world, should we ponder that these terrible people and circumstances exist to bring us to a closer understanding of God and the symbolism of living our lives as a sacrifice to our Spiritual Parent?

To expound on that statement: if Christ was the pattern for our lives and we are urged to become one with his sufferings to be reborn in His Image, and become anointed Sons wielding the power that comes along with it, then can we/should we see the world through a different lens and—dare I say—embrace the wickedness in the world as a tool for our perfecting?

That, may be too much to ask. But surely, we are called to forgive these lost souls and pray for their forgiveness,unless we intend on losing our own.