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LAPD SWAT investigated for re-selling guns for profit

ABC Local  LOS ANGELES (KABC) – LAPD SWAT officers are being investigated, suspected of buying handguns and re-selling them with the LAPD “SWAT” insignia attached for a profit.

Police Chief Charlie Beck faced the LAPD Police Commission Tuesday.

No one was more shocked to hear members of LAPD’s elite SWAT team are accused of selling guns than Beck.

“I hold them to the highest standards,” said Beck. “I don’t expect them to do this kind of thing. They disappoint me the most.”

Word of the gun dealings first surfaced in 2010 after a firearm inventory found guns missing. According to an LAPD internal report, SWAT officers bought between 51 and 324 Kimber handguns and allegedly resold them for a profit.

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