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Don’t Even Think About 2016

by Seth King, DailyAnarchist

Tonight Ron Paul gave his much awaited interview with Jay Leno. It was an appearance that came with anticipation of a big announcement. There was a lot of speculation amongst Paul supporters. Would he run for president as an independent? Would he endorse Gary Johnson?

To the dismay of many he would do neither. In fact, there was no big announcement. The most Paul revealed was a cryptic desire to rest for 2016. Now new speculations arise. Will he run again in 2016? Is Rand Paul running for president in 2016? What?

If there is one message I could get across to all of the minarchist Paul supporters out there it would be to get over it. That ship has sailed! Ron Paul is not the Messiah and he’s not going to save us from the New World Order!

Ron Paul is now entering the phase of political irrelevancy. His son is never going to become president. There isn’t another governor or member of Congress that is half the man Ron Paul is. There is no hope for a libertarian president. Stop dreaming! Wake up!

I think yelling “wake up” to minarchists is apropos, too. For all of their philosophical wisdom and efforts to wake up the sleeping masses, minarchists are by-and-large living in la-la land. When I was still living in California I was active in the Campaign For Liberty. Shortly after the 2008 campaign I converted to anarcho-capitalism and set my sights on New Hampshire.

I called several members active in the C4L and tried to clue them in about how much of a lost cause California was. It was all to no avail. Many of them truly believed John Dennis could unseat Nancy Pelosi in 2010 and that Ron Paul would win California in 2012. Needless to say, I was baffled that so many of my fellow patriots could be so out of touch with reality.

Sadly, I fear many Paul supporters are grasping for straws at some miracle happening in 2016. And I suppose I don’t blame them. If I were still a minarchist I’d feel there was no other choice but to keep putting my hopes into another election. I pity the minarchists, really. The poor saps are trapped in a paradigm where the impossible must happen to achieve salvation. Sound familiar?

The truth is that America is in cardiac arrest. I say let it die. Bury it six feet under. But put your energies and resources into saving the patients that can live; the patients that want to live. Save yourself. Save your family members, friends, and colleagues that aren’t total zombies. Get out of dodge and concentrate your forces with others of like mind. Move to New Hampshire and opt out of the statist system. And for God’s sake don’t sacrifice yourself trying to save others that don’t want saving. What are you, a socialist?