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Central Missouri Copblocker Jeffrey Weinhaus Shot by MO St. Patrol Employee(s), Airlifted

from CopBlock

From Central Missouri Cop Block:

It seems we have a developing story. Jeffrey Weinhaus [born October 6, 1966], a member of Central Missouri Copblock, has been gunned down by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Jeff was working on and had a lot of info incriminating info on surrounding Leos and various departments.

A friend and I, that both knew Jeff personally, were discussing this event and this is what he had to say…

“He named highway patrol cops by name. we have been exposing them all. we have been physically trying to wake the masses and start this party before they do. they start it, its game over from the start. he was armed, that is true. he was very fucking scared, and wasn’t leaving home without one. he was going to meet the troopers. there was no warrant, yet the news says there is, so meh. they called him there to meet and shoot him, and they did.”

From Missouri trooper shoot suspect in St. Clair

A suspect was shot multiple times by a state trooper south of St. Clair on Tuesday afternoon, according to authorities.

The highway patrol is not releasing the man’s name but News 4 has learned he is Jeffrey Weinhaus.

We are told he was meeting with two troopers for a pre-arranged meeting, but came armed with a gun.

Weinhaus was meeting with two troopers from the MHP’s division of crime and drugs out of Troop-I in Rolla.

The meeting was taking place in the parking lot of an MFA gas station on Highway K south of St. Clair around 1 p.m.

The highway patrol says Weinhaus got out of his car armed and started walking toward the troopers.

There was a confrontation and the troopers opened fire.

Weinhaus was flown by helicopter to mercy hospital in st. Louis in critical conditon.

No officers were injured during the incident.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop I (the outfit where the shooter(s) are employed)
P.O. Box 128
Rolla, MO 65402-0128
Phone:             (573) 368-2345
Fax: (573) 368-2352

Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C (the outfit investigating the actions of their colleagues down the road)
891 Technology Drive
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
Phone:             (636) 300-2800
Fax:(636) 300-2741

Mercy Hospital
615 South New Ballas Road
St. Louis, MO 63141
            (314) 251-6000      

One of Jeff’s most-recent updates to his Facebook profile:

jeffrey weinhaus facebook screenshot central missouri copblock Central Missouri Copblocker Jeffrey Weinhaus Shot by MO St. Patrol Employee(s), Airlifted

11:10am September 12th, 2012:

Jeffrey Weinhaus spoke out against the injustice he saw, most of which came from judges, police, bankers and others. Though all his views may not mesh with everyone (who’s do?) he was spot-on about the corruption and double standards inherent in the criminals justice system.

He shared his perspective via a and YouTube channel, which has 157 subscribers, 87,000 channel views, and the following “About” language “The world as I see it. Jesus is coming and you are being lied too. Wake-up and realize your enemy is within.”

Keep appraised of the situation by frequenting this page.

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12:50pm September 12th, 2012:

I called Troop C of the Missouri State Highway Patrol to solicit more information about the incident that happened the day prior. Not too surprisingly, Al Nothum, the “public information officer”, wasn’t too public with the related information. Just imagine if this situation would have been different.

Do you think the names of the shooter(s) would have been withheld for so long? That the details surrounding an incident that caused a person to be airlifted to a hospital with two shots to the chest and one to the head would be summarized by saying a “confrontation” occurred? Might the shooter(s) in this incident be afforded double standards due to his place of employment?

3:45pm September 12th, 2012:

An update from Central Missouri Cop Block:

I need to make something perfectly clear about the current situation on Jeff. For him, it’s over.

Even tho he was going to meet with investigators and the fact he was shot down does NOT mean that his troubles are over once he gets out of the hospital. The cops will see to it that Jeff will be charged for something or that he will have acted out of the norm. Either way Jeff will be put in prison or committed, his war is over.

Cold, hard, messed up fact!

We need to step up and take hold of the information Jeff had or find out what it is that Missouri Leos are so worried about. We need to be on the front lines if we see something the police are doing wrong and report/film/spread the word about it. We need to be in the shadows gathering the information about wrong doing and if you have to write it down as to not forget the details.

Some of the best information is out there right in the open for all t see. It’s just that some fail to see it, others feel need to ignore it thinking it doesn’t pertain to them only to complain later, when it spreads, that they have been wronged. Sometimes the information is hiding in plain sight.

I as well as others have tried to get information about Jeff and of course are hitting the “No more information to be released” brick wall. As things come to light I will be posting them.

Peace and be safe.

Jeffrey Weinhaus’s website:
Jeffrey Weinhaus’s YouTube:


10:00pm September 13th, 2012:

According to Jeffrey’s Facebook Page, he is still in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hosptial.

One friend said that he “squeezed his wife’s hand” yesterday and another said that he opened his eyes yesterday evening.

Copblock will continue to update this story as we get more information.


8:00am September 14th, 2012:

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has released their version of the story:

DDCC: Officer Involved Shooting

a division of the

Troop C Headquarters- 891 Technology Drive, Weldon Spring, MO 63304


For further information please contact: Sgt. Al Nothum
636-300-2800       ext. 3340
September 12, 2012

EMPHASIS: Officer Involved Shooting

Captain Sarah L. Eberhard, director of the Division of Drug and Crime Control, informs the public of the following incident:

On September 11, 2012, members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control obtained a felony arrest warrant for Jeffrey R. Weinhaus, 45, of St. Clair, MO. The warrant was for possession of a controlled substance, tampering with a judicial officer, and possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana. Two DDCC officers arranged to meet Weinhaus in the parking lot of a business in Franklin County near his residence. Weinhaus arrived and then exited his vehicle. The troopers observed a holstered pistol on Weinhaus’ side. The troopers issued verbal commands for Weinhaus to move his hands away from his pistol. However, Weinhaus unstrapped the holster and began to draw the weapon. Fearing for their safety, the troopers fired at and struck Weinhaus. After securing Weinhaus, the troopers provided medical assistance until the arrival of emergency medical services personnel. Weinhaus was transported to a St. Louis area hospital where he is listed in critical condition. The Patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control investigation is ongoing.

Interesting in light of the following that was submitted to Cop Block by one of Jeffrey’s closest friends:

He is still alive. He has opened his eyes and showing some signs of emotion… I’ll keep you updated. I will say this. There is a piece to this story that isn’t in the news…Jeff was on the phone when he was shot. We have a recording of the whole shooting, and the conversations that took place after he was shot. The person he was talking to recorded the whole thing. The cops stripped all Jeff’s personal belongings. His wallet, phone, wedding ring, all of it stripped and missing. They knew Jeff was recording. They just didn’t notice the phone to his ear…:)blank Central Missouri Copblocker Jeffrey Weinhaus Shot by MO St. Patrol Employee(s), Airlifted. Jeff wasn’t stupid. He called one of us, and we recorded the incident as it happened. The recording of the audio already has 50 copies made, in different places with contingencies in place. A lawyer has the master. This is gonna get ugly when we finally let this out. They murdered him, and we can prove it. Almost. I think he will live, though. I really do.

3:00pm September 14th, 2012:

It’s been reported to Cop Block that Mike Arthur – friend of Weinhaus – has been arrested. We’re trying to ascertain the charges levied and the individuals responsible.

Tonight at 8pm CST the TruthFindersNetwork will address the topic of Jeffrey Weinhaus, Mike Arthur and will be interviewing a Central Missouri Copblocker.

3:30pm September 14th, 2012: published this post: Claimed Eyewitness Account of Weinhaus Shooting that puts-forth that those who shot Weinhaus were employed by the FBI.

4:30pm September 14th, 2012:

A comment left below by “Chris” noted:

I have created a Justice for Jeffrey facebook page to show support for him. He needs us at this time.