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Staging World War 3 For A Mutually Desired Outcome

by Eric Blair, Activist Post

I watched the movie Pearl Harbor last week and it struck me how impossible it would be for Japan or anyone to pull off such an attack today.

In the age of satellites that can read license plates from space, the days of a fleet of aircraft carriers sneaking up on anyone are long past. In fact, there will never be another battle like Normandy where thousands were killed while storming forward directly into the enemy’s line of fire either.

That type of warfare is as obsolete as brigades lining up in formation as they did during the Revolutionary War in America. Even occupations like Iraq and Afghanistan are proving to be completely ineffective and outdated.

Additionally, because of advanced weaponry, the entire idea of conventional war seems utterly ridiculous.

It’s pretty well established that nations like the United States, Russia, China, and the European block all possess amazingly advanced weapons like weather weaponry, nuclear weaponry, chemical and biological weapons, EMP bombs, robotic drones, and space-based weapons like “Rods from God” just to name a few.

And, surely, there are ultra top secret weapons that make these advanced weapons seem antiquated. Thus, it would appear that conventional warfare with bullets and bombs is like using sticks and stones compared even to the weapons we know to exist.

So, what gives? Why do we continue to believe that ragtag nations like Iran pose a threat to powerhouse nations with sci-fi weaponry? And why does anyone still believe battles with sticks and stones are even necessary at all?

Conventional war may make some sense for minor conflicts in isolated areas of the world where one group of violent thugs wants to seize power and wealth from another group of violent thugs.

But if Iran were to launch a significant assault on any of their enemies, they would likely be turned into a parking lot in 30 minutes from these weapons. So they’re restrained by their own self-preservation and therefore pose absolutely no threat to anyone.

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