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Syria Rebels Are The Same Salafi Extremists Attacking US Embassies

by Alexander Higgins

The western backed Syria rebels are the same Saudi Arabia Salafi Jihadists launching an unprecedented world-wide wave of attacks against western embassies.

As Islamic militants of Saudi Arabia’s Salafi persuasion wage attacks on US embassies around the globe the alternative media is presented with a golden opportunity to point out that these are the same Islamic extremists the west is backing to overthrow the government of Syria.

Specifically, both the Syria rebels and the Islamic extremists launching attacks against western embassies are Salafi Jihadists.

Salafi Jihadists extend to include Al Qaeda and numerous other Islamic Jihad organizations.

These same Salafi Jihadists make up the rebel forces in Syria and conducted the attack on the US embassy in Libya and lynched the US Ambassador.

These Salafi extremists are now waging attacks on the embassies of the United States and its allies across the globe.

These Salafi Jihadist organizations are given different names depending on were they are located but regardless of the names they are given they are all subscribed to Saudi Arabia’s fundamentalist Salafi interpretation of Islam.

They are all controlled by Saudi Arabia’s religious leaders who also happen to be top-level Saudi government officials and they and do the bidding of Saudi controlled Islamic organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The world-wide attack on western embassies finally present the opportunity to provide the public of these extremists and to finally give the public an accurate depiction of what Syria must deal with on a daily basis.

While the western mass media has categorically dismissed claims from the Syria government that they are fighting armed terrorist groups.

Despite those dismissals the public is now seeing with their own eyes the type of attacks these extremists are conducting against western targets.

These are the same type of attacks these Salafi Jihadists carry out in Syria except the attacks on Syria are much more brutal.

Informing the public that the west is backing the same extremists that are now attacking our embassies to attack Syria will play a key role in bringing them to the realization that the backing of these terrorists in Syria is not justified.

The attacks also highlight the dilemma Al Assad faces in dealing with Salafi Jihadists who are operating in Syria with the full backing of foreign influences.

Indeed Saudi Arabia and its satellite states, including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, openly admit they are providing lethal aid, weapons and other financial assistance to the terrorists.

Meanwhile several western nations, including the U.S., the U.K., and France are openly admit to providing non-lethal aid as well as the use of their intelligence assets to help the terrorists conduct their attacks.

Given this context we now have the opportunity to present the public with an accurate depiction of the events in Syria by framing the narrative in a manner that juxtaposes the roles of the conflicting forces.

Imagine if the international community stepped in and demand that the United States stop protecting their embassies against the attacks being wages by these Salafi terrorists organizations.

As civilians are massacred in Syria, hospitals are blown up, police are murdered, military officials are attacked, Christians are being cleansed, government officials are being assassinated, military aircraft are being shot down and civilian airplanes are being targeted the west is demanding Assad stop defending his people against these attacks.

At the same time the west demands Assad stop defending himself the west fuels further attack through the lethal and non-lethal aid that is being provided to mercenary Salafi terrorists.

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