When All Else Fails

Romney Video, What It Really Means

by Jim Kearney, Libertarian Viewpoint

Explaining A Gaffe

I  am glad that this newly released video of Mitt Romney came out. It says a lot. Unfortunately, very few people are listening. Many times I get called out because I see things in a different light and it often takes years to see the results I mention. Just like when I keep telling my kids the decisions they make today will affect their lives 5, 10, 15 years from now. LOL – They don’t believe me either, until that day arrives.

So, what we have here is a political “gaffe” on Romney’s part. A gaffe is that unscripted inadvertent mention of a truth that no one is supposed to know about or acknowledge. Well, Romney made it. He let the cat out of the bag by failing to hide the truth of the oh so mighty pretentious voting engine that has everyone believing they are taking part in their government.

What Romney Gaffe Means

We are supposed to be a country where the citizens govern themselves and he let it be known that such was not the case. He basically wrote off 47% of the people as no matter what he did they would vote against him. He also mentioned that he was targeting the 5 or 10 percent that were independent. Which means; he is also writing off the 43% that will vote for him no matter what.

When you look at what he says, you can see that he highlighted the idea that our modern day democracy (not the republic we were supposed to have) is a fully operational system that steals the wealth from one and gives it to another.  Look at this in terms of feeding from the public trough, when enough people realize they can feed themselves anything they want from the public trough, your democracy is dead.

With a monarchy, only a few “elite” people could confiscate the wealth of its people. It was a clear enemy that people could see and recognize. Here in America however, it isn’t the same. Now we have a system where the people steal from each other. There is no clear enemy. You can see this in Romney’s statement about the 47% that would vote for Obama no matter what and the implied 43% that will vote for him no matter what.

Before, you could overthrow a monarchy and get rid of the royal family (or at least replace the current ruler) but here, we have do not have anyone to overthrow but our own selves. We now have nearly half the country sucking off the wealth of the other half of the country and Romney made this plain as day, yet people do not seem to understand the implications.

Watch The Video

What Is Happening In Our Society Today

There is a fight going on in our society. Nearly half the country wants to take from the other half, and that other half wants to protect its belongings. The voting engine that could is being worked so that it could influence the 5 to 10 percent of the country that is independent of the fight. In other words, it is trying to force those people to pick a side.

Democrats in power would have you believe that Romney is literally writing off half the country and will have nothing to do with them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The words used during the conversation were used to talk about campaign strategy. Romney simply laid out his ideas for election strategy based on the “median voter theorem”. This is common practice in every single campaign.

Anyone who thinks that Obama is not using the same strategy to “write off” the 43% that will vote for Romney no matter what is fooling himself. Believe me, the Obama campaign is doing the exact same thing, they just haven’t made the gaffe and gone public with it.

What Campaigning Does

This is the way campaigns have been run for centuries. It will continue to be run that way in the future. We have lost our republic and became a democracy along the way. As such, anyone who thinks a vote for Romney will protect their wealth from confiscation is really fooling themselves. Democrats and republicans alike will both find a way to steal from you what is rightfully yours.

We as the public are not supposed to know these things. It is all supposed to be hidden from us so that we think the government is good. We should be singing praises to our rulers with the National Anthem  and pledging our allegiance to them no matter what. Why, because our fore fathers created the greatest government conceived on this earth and it should be spread around the entire globe at all costs.

The truth of the matter, as Romney inadvertently pointed out; politics no matter how it is accomplished; is a means of wealth distribution. Don’t believe it? Just listen to the warmongering rhetoric Romney has started to spew. Where do you think he is going to get that money from and who do you think he is going to give it to? Every day he is out there stomping he casts a new eney at Obama and blames him for not slaying that enemy.

Why does he do this? He does it so that he does not lose his 43% base. He does this so that he can show that base he has their INTERESTS in mind. He does this to show that he wants to protect the corporate class from being stolen away. What people do not realize is that in order to do that he must take from the non-corporate class. So he is doing the same thing that Obama is doing but for the opposite class. He is doing it for the corporate class rather than the dependent class.

It doesn’t matter which interest is on the table at the time, either way, those of us in the middle are looted. The whole entire election now has become a fight for control of the loot and it flies in the face of what this country was supposed to be all about.

What Should Be Happening

There used to be an idea called freedom and Liberty. Back when that word meant something in politics it referred to the fact that you got to keep what you earned. You did not live off of other’s sweat equity. You kept to yourself and didn’t infringe upon others liberties. You worked things out on a voluntary basis with your neighbors without the use of government interference.

Ludwig von Mises wrote the definition of political parties in a democracy when he penned his book “Liberalism”. As he explains it: “All modern political parties and all modern political ideologies originated as a reaction on the part of special group interests fighting for the privileged status against liberalism.” Frederic Bastiat framed the idea neatly in his treatise titled “The Law” when he wrote: “The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expensive of everyone else.”

ALL law is supposed to be created to secure and protect individual’s unalienable rights. Anything beyond that, defeats the very purpose of law itself; for law is created precisely to prevent the mutual looting of a society by the 51% majority in a democracy. Once your personal property rights are no longer secure and protected; the political establishment can plunder at will and there is nothing you can do about it. Just look around you to see the truth of it.

What You Can Do To Educate Yourself

Romney let slip the fact that he knows 90% of the country is already fooled into believing that democracy is the way to go. It is the other 10% that he is trying to play Barnum with.

If Romney knows this, then ask yourself, where do you stand, in the 90% or in the 10%?

Learn what it means to be in the 10%.

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