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A year or so ago, a friend and supporter donated the domain name “” for use in conjunction with this site.  At that time, I conducted a poll of you all and asked what we should do with it.  The response was almost entirely in favor of building a classifieds / Craigslist type site for libertarian/voluntaryist-minded businesses and individuals to buy/sell/trade on.

Obviously, my original plan to get started on it in “three weeks or so” hasn’t happened.  In fact, it’s been 18 months plus and I haven’t even really started.  Having two babies (now toddlers) in the house has kind of destroyed my free time.  In fact, things are tight in every way you can name: time, money, sleep, etc.

I’m not here to burden you all with my problems, though.  Most of you who know me have a general idea of what life is like at our grand Wyoming estate.  My wife is a disabled Navy veteran whose disability is unacknowledged as service-connected despite it being thanks to the experimental vaccines given during the Gulf War.  As a consequence, I (happily) must share heavily in the child care duties.  We can’t afford and have little interest in day care and have no family living nearby.  These are things we rarely complain about as it is our lot and what we accept as part of our lives.  We wanted kids, so we’re making the sacrifices required.

What all that means, though, is that I don’t have anything resembling free time.  Every waking hour I’m not helping around the house or taking care of our two daughters I’m here in front of the computer trying to make a buck to keep things paid for.  With the economy the way it is and self-employment being how it goes, though, it requires all of my time and effort.  While our expenses and lifestyle are small, so is our income.

So languishes.

But it’s not forgotten.  I’ve been thinking about it and I think I have a way out.  Back when this site was first moving to its new format, I put out a simple call for help to fund the idea.  It wasn’t much and it was quickly met.  Now our little .org is self-sufficient and has been for quite some time.  Which is how I wanted it.

With the dot com, I think we can do the same thing.  To get the ball rolling, I’d need around eight hours of work (conservatively) just to build the platform.  There are three software options that could be used and all three are free, so it’s just a matter of installing and tweaking them.  Which is where my time estimate comes from.  On top of that are graphics and testing and so forth, which I can do or probably find someone to donate.

The trouble lies in that 8 hours.  If I give up eight hours of my own time, that’s income my family misses and with me being the only source, that hurts.  So I’m hoping that if any of you still believe in the idea of a Militant Libertarian marketplace, then maybe you’ll be willing to help make it happen.  I don’t plan on making any money from the market (it’d be free to use and advertiser-supported as is), but it will cost money to get it running.

If I could come up with $300 to $400 for this cause, I could justify to my conscience spending the time working on it.

If you’d like to get involved and donate any amount to make this happen, use the PayPal button below or contact me directly to send a check, money order, gold, silver, or whatever.

I will also need a little help from someone with legal expertise (lawyer or paralegal) who can come up with a Terms of Service and liability disclaimer for the site.

I will add a running tally of donations as they arrive here:

Donated so far: $0