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“Text-a-Tip” Snitch Program Invades Small-Town America

from Activist Post

In yet another example of the Big Brother-style snitch culture being fostered and implemented all across the country, the city of Marion, South Carolina, is now demonstrating how the oppressive surveillance state is no longer limited to large metropolitan areas and bigger cities already conditioned to living under the watchful eye of government. Now, even small towns such as Marion, with a population of 6,939 people, are getting in on the act.

According to WMBF News, the Marion Police Department is launching a new program that allows citizens to report “crimes” via text message.

The Department’s new “Text-a-Tip” program is scheduled to be operational by the end of September of this year. Much like the now infamous “See Something, Say Something” program being implemented by DHS in Wal-MartsHotels, and other available television screens, the MPD is encouraging everyone to text message (843) 430-0938 if they see a crime in progress or even so much as what they deem to be “suspicious activity.”

Unfortunately, one can assume that gangs of police preying upon the already economically destitute citizens of Marion day in and day out does not constitute reportable suspicious activity. After all, such has been the case in Marion for some time, as any unfortunate driver will easily attest to.


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Oh great, even more cops randomly accosting ordinary folk under the cover of “conducting an investigation” and insisting over and over again that the mere report of “suspicious activity” justifies any means by which to conduct that investigation and that the target of that investigation must submit to MY AUTHORITAAAAAARRRRR


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