Rethinking Paradigms

Ahmadinejad wants ‘new world order’

from UKPA

Iran’s president says a new world order needs to emerge, away from American “bullying” and domination.

In a wide-ranging interview on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly – his last as president of Iran – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also discussed solutions for Syria, dismissed the question of Iran’s nuclear ambition and said despite Western sanctions his country was better off than it was when he took office in 2005.

“God willing, a new order will come together and we’ll do away with everything that distances us,” he said. “Now even elementary school kids throughout the world have understood that the United States government is following an international policy of bullying. Bullying must come to an end. Occupation must come to an end.”

Mr Ahmadinejad said Iran was one of nearly a dozen countries forming a new contact group to try to end the 18-month-old civil war in Syria. The group would include 10 or 11 countries in the Middle East and elsewhere and meet in New York “very soon”, he said.

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