Rethinking Paradigms

Fact-checking Romney and Obama’s first-debate speeches

from Manifest Liberty

The excellent Ben Swann reports in the below video on Romney and Obama’s claims about the economy, our deficit, and how they plan to reduce it.

After listening to their plans to cut and keep certain programs; but never deal with our insanely over-funded and counter productive military presencearound the world, or the entrenched but thoroughly un-Constitutional departments of commerce, education, energy, etc., neither candidate comes up with numbers stand up under fire.

Who did come up with a plan to reduce the deficit by $1T first-year, cut back our military offense while maintaining our defense, give young people a way out of the Social Security Ponzi Pit and BALANCE THE BUDGET in three years!?

Readers of this blog will likely not wonder long to come up with the answer: the honorable and wise, Dr. Ron Paul. Ben Swann reported on Dr. Paul’s plan a few months back as well.