”Russia to Liberate the World From US Occupation”

Posted: October 11th, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

from Kauilapele

When I first saw this article (at RMN, via Poof’s last post), it was very revealing (to me, at least). What it revealed, was that it shows that the “rest of the world” (the non-aligned nations, like Russia, China, et (many) al.) sees what’s going on, and reports what’s going on. They understand that the US (the USA CORPORATION, that is, not the Republic) has been playing the role of “invader and occupier”, for many years. And this article demonstrates that these non-aligned countries are not playing that game anymore.

Especially interesting was the note about their response to Secretary of State Clinton’s request. Their answer was, “NO” (in all caps). Would this (or could this) have happened even one or two years ago? Without severe repercussions?

And most important, to me, at least, is that this article shows that there is a lot of progress going on, behind the US-dark-cabal-controlled-media scenes, to remove the cabal’s resources (in this case, the USA CORP’s resources), by changing the whole financial game on this planet. To me it indicates that this “non-aligned countries” business, which Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Poof, et al., have been talking about for months, is for real!!

[I remind all when the “US” is mentioned here, it most certainly refers to the USA CORPORATION, not the Republic.]


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