Targeting Anarchists

Posted: October 20th, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

by Seth King, DA

There has been quite a stir recently in anarchist circles on facebook regarding the imprisonment of three individuals from the Pacific northwest for refusing to cooperate with the feds. Chances are these three individuals are of the anarcho-syndicalist persuasion, but I think they’re handling themselves perfectly. Refuse to even talk to the grand jury, even if you are completely innocent. Exercise your right to remain silent under all conditions and take your lumps. Then make an example out of the government for their criminal behavior. I was considering writing a full-length article on this story, but I’m happy to see that RT has done all the legwork for me. This video just came out today. Also, after this video Capital Account with Lauren Lyster interviewed anarcho-capitalist Joel Bowman of The Daily Reckoning. The topic of anarcho-capitalism was discussed for more than 10 minutes. I’d say we’re making progress! Enjoy this video and consider sharing it on youtube!


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  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Everyone is required to testify when they are subpoenaed to a court proceeding. Your faux outrage over these three people who are in contempt of court would disappear if you were in court needing witnesses to tell the truth and they refused to do so. If you are called to testify you must and the only alternative to that is to claim the 5th.

  2. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Aaron: You could not be more wrong. All they have to do is state they are invoking their 5th amendment rights. Of course this would mean the prosecutor could choose to charge them and the court would appoint a lawyer and the lawyer would have to know what they did so he could affirm they were in fact legitimately invoking their 5th amendment rights. The lawyer is an officer of the court and could not knowingly allow their client to perjure themselves or otherwise break the law. What these three were trying to do was avoid testifying against their friends and/or fellow criminals. You act as though the DA and ADA’s are naive and cannot see through this obvious ploy. I assure you if you go into a grand jury to testify you must testify and if you pull the “5th amendment” ploy to avoid testifying then you may well be guilty of obstruction of justice. These three are lucky they were charged with contempt because they will only have to stay in jail until the grand jury is finished.

    • Militant Libertarian says:

      Read more the headline on this one, Gone. Their 5th amendment rights were circumvented by giving them “immunity” in order to force them to testify. In other words, they couldn’t invoke the 5th amendment because that was taken from them. The prosecutor hoped to: a) get them to incriminate themselves about something they were not given immunity for or b) get them to tell about their friends.

  3. GoneWithTheWind says:

    With immunity they don’t need 5th ammnedment rights, DUH! The ONLY reason for them not to testify is to thwart justice. I have zero sympathy for criminals. Let thenm go to jail. Let their punishment be a warning to the other nutcases out there who want to break the law. I hope the DA gets these three and their friends.

  4. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Can you have freedom without justice? Can you have justice without the ability of the court to require that people testify and tell the truth?

    • Militant Libertarian says:

      “The prosecutor hoped to: a) get them to incriminate themselves about something they were not given immunity for or b) get them to tell about their friends.”

  5. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Prosecutors are supposed to get criminals to incriminate themselves. This is what they do for a living. As far as telling the truth about their friends; again that is the job of the prosecutor. That’s what courts are all about; getting the facts and punishing the wrong doers. My advice to these three would have been to not break the law. What were they thinking would happen???

    • Militant Libertarian says:

      I guess you missed the whole part about them not even being at the protests they were raided and arrested for. Right? They didn’t break any laws.

  6. GoneWithTheWind says:

    They didn’t break any laws and yet were granted immunity?!
    They didn’t break any laws and they refiuse to testify because the DA is trying to get them to incriminate themselves?!
    I think you have bought their story hook line and sinker.

    Like it or not we are all required to testify when called by the court. The justice system requires it and could not work without it.

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