People and Things

Posted: October 23rd, 2012 by Militant Libertarian

Objects are meant to be used. People are meant to be loved. The problem with the world is that we’ve reversed that. We love objects and use people.

This is reflected in almost every aspect of our society. Parents leave their children at day cares and schools so they can go make money to buy better cars and bigger houses. These children then learn to love those bigger and better objects and have no respect for people. The most celebrated in our society are not those who devote their lives to helping and loving people, but those who treat people like tools to be used to get them the objects they want.

Bankers and businessmen no longer deal face-to-face with people and help one another succeed. Instead, they look for weaknesses and things they can exploit. Meanwhile, the common worker doesn’t look for a career; they look for a job with better pay and better benefits and jump from workplace to workplace with the paycheck their only goal. Then the businessman gets angry when workers demand more from him and the workers get angry when the business owner refuses to negotiate away profits. Everyone blames the other, no one sees the truth.

Your life is not defined by the car you drive, the computer you use, the size of your house, or the cut of the clothes you wear. These are just things. Your life should be defined by the friends you have, the family you love, and the neighbors you share with.

The worst points in my life have always been defined as the times I’ve focused too much on money and materials and not enough on those I love. I often justify my focus on work and money by saying that I’m doing it for the very people I’m ignoring at the time. This is bullshit. When the world falls apart and the money is gone, what will you have? A family who doesn’t know you, neighbors who don’t even know your name, and friends who have nothing to talk about because TV is off the air. Fuck that.

It took me a long time, but I realize now that my family had one parent who cared only about things and another who cared only about people. The first has nothing, the second has five children to love. I wish I had understood these things at age 20. Life would have been much easier for me.


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