The NWO's Chains

NATO/ZioCons Restarting Cedar Revolution?

by Zen Gardner

Looks like the US/NATO/Israeli middle east domino plan is continuing to metastasize and Lebanon is apparently now in their expansionist cross hairs.

You really think this recent attack on the Syrian government palace wasn’t another staged and covertly sponsored “color revolution” reactivation charade?


The stated plan to “cordon off” Lebanon and Syria was penned in 1996 in the Israeli/American authored “Clean Break Report” (see below) and was further outlined in the famous PNAC Report.

While the Syrian invasion by NATO and Israeli backed forces masquerading as freedom fighters continues, it was only a matter of time before Lebanon too would be roped into this engineered takeover of the region, affording another front for the take down of Syria and further expanding Israel’s NATO backed presence in the region.

Lebanon Protesters Try to Storm Government Palace

BEIRUT (AP) — The funeral for Lebanon’s slain intelligence chief descended into chaos Sunday as soldiers fired tear gas at protesters who tried to storm the government palace, directing their rage at a leadership they consider puppets of a murderous Syrian regime.

The assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan in a massive car bomb Friday threatens to shatter the fragile political balance in Lebanon, a country plagued by decades of strife – much of it linked to political and military domination by Damascus.

“The Sunni blood is boiling!” the crowd chanted as hundreds of people clashed with security forces. More than 100 protesters broke through a police cordon of concertina wire and metal gates, putting them within 50 yards (meters) of the entrance to the palace. Source

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