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Pay Gap Widens to 34% Government vs Private Sector

from Expositor2

The pay gap between the government workers and private sector widens to 34% – reflecting the fact that government impedes progress and works one month less per year than private sector.

This pay gap has increase 8% in just the past year, according to new data from Federal Salary Council meeting on Friday. Many believe the pay gap is due to the President’s proposed two-year pay freeze for civilian government employees.

The Government Accounting Office has taken the position that Federal pay statistics are easily manipulated.

My analysis – More than anything else, the pay gap illustrates how one group – whose pay freeze did not allow it to get the same inflationary pay raises –  has lost 8% of their purchasing power. While my opinion may seem harsh, I believe that a government that is irresponsible enough to implement a QE Infinity, should feel the pain that ensues when governments allow the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air.

In fact, while their will always be plenty of government employees crying about the gap in wages, most of them are so lazy that they would have a difficult time getting or keeping a private sector job.  But despite the cries of a few, there are still plenty of pigs at the public trough gobbling up high 6-figure salaries. For example look at these salaries from just on department.

NYC salaries



While statistics show gap in pay, there are still plenty of government employees at the trough making high 6 figure salaries.