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William N. Grigg on the show

For those who might have missed it, the audio of this morning’s two hour show featuring the expert in America’s descent into a police state, William N. Grigg, is now online for streaming.

Grigg is an oft-featured author on Lew Rockewell’s website, features columns on his own website at Pro Libertate, and now operates his own webcast as well.

In our discussion, we had several great callers talking about every recent happening as the police state progresses in this country.  From recent federal ammunition purchases for obscure agencies that have a dubious need for firearms to developments almost literally in Grigg’s own back yard, the show is two hours of blockbuster commentary.

You can find it on our Show Archives page or stream it from here by clicking this link.



Dale Williams is a libertarian talk show host in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is known for his no-holds-barred radio presence and ability to go past the mainstream pundits and cut to the heart of the subject, whether he's talking to a local man on the street or international figures like Paul Craig Roberts or Gerald Celente. Dale is an expert in self-defense firearms, military hardware, and has a background in numismatics and as a body guard.

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